Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Today we stop and consciously remember the events of 9/11. We remember the horror, the heroics and the victims.

We remember the day because we can’t forget.

Today we will be flooded with images of the Twin Towers, the smoke against the blue skies and the other well known media pictures/depictions of what 9/11 looks like.

As we sift through the images, I ask that you remember the one person.

The one person who after so many years saved the voice mail of her spouse.

The one person who has grown up without a parent.

The one person who made it out, knowing the one beside him did not.

The one person who looked at a certain death and ran inside anyways.

The one person who was willing to stand up and fight.

The one person who had a fight that morning with their spouse and never got to say “I’m sorry.”

The one person who kissed their child’s head and will never watch them grow.

The one person who left to fight for their country and will never return.

When so many losses occur, we tend to look at the whole instead of the many parts. Those many parts are one person.

So while we remember the day, let’s remember that to one person it wasn’t just a horrific day; it’s still a battle today.

…and frankly…we remember.

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