Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Today we have been working in the barn to get it prepared for the horse. Although structurally sound and weather proof, the previous owner had dumped loads of gravel and fist sized rocks all over the flooring.

My goal? Removal. (This is not fun work, by the way.)

In moving the rocks with a shovel, a lighter one caught my eye and the shape of it made me smile.

A perfect heart.

The 4 year old daughter had been helping me and was talking off and on about how this rock looked like an alligator or this one was shaped like a “L'” so I knew she was going to just love the heart rock.

I tossed it to her and watched a big smile cross her face as she identified the shape and held it up to yell, “It’s a heart!!! I love it!!!”

First thing she did was put it in her pants pocket to keep it safe. Then she worried about it slipping out and getting lost among the other rocks on the ground, so she moved it to the tack table.

It sat there for a moment before she saw her little sister walking to it. She ran over and snatched it off the table and said, “It’s mine, Gracie. You can’t hurt it.”

She looked around for a moment and then sat down in the dirt. She dug a small hole and buried the heart rock. Packing the dirt on top, she was satisfied that it was now safe and went back to doing her work. A little while longer she began to look for her spot where she buried it and couldn’t remember exactly where she had put it.

It really reminded me of how we are with our own heart sometimes. Taking such joy in it, but going to great lengths to protect it from getting broken or damaged.

…and frankly…sometimes we get so busy, we forget where we have hidden it.


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3 replies

  1. You are so beautiful! thank you… You are a piece of my Heart stone…

  2. poignant

    I needed to read this. Thanks

  3. Oh gosh … tears … I so relate to this! Love you, Alycia!

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