Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I live life with a soundtrack. I am a huge music listener and am always piping music into the house, car or iDevices (not an actual Apple product, but a compilation) I sing out loud when no one is in the room and break out in dance when nobody is in the zip code (for their visual safety)

I was flipping through channels one day in the car and it paused on a pretty song that I was vaguely familiar with from church. I knew some of the words and left it on the station.

I was all prepared to switch it to some foot stomping or rump shaking popular song, when the DJ came on and issued a challenge.

This station for 30 days to increase positivity into your day.

Issue the words “challenge” or “dare” and I am all over it. I also must confess that the “Call Me Maybe” song drives me a little psychotic, so I could probably use some positivity since it gets played every 10 songs on the pop stations.

So every music distribution device got programmed to The Fish (which has a fun little jingle that has a “plop plop” sound that reminds me of the old Alka Seltzer commercials and causes me to bust out in “Fizz Fizz Oh What A Relief It Is” every time is plays)

Then normal life resumed to the new soundtracks.

Hollering at the kids to find their shoes for the millionth time…and a song would play about peace.

Realizing I wasn’t talking kindly to my spouse…and a song would play about forgiveness.

Burning my hand with steam while trying to cook for 9 hungry people in the house and uttering something not so positive under my breath…and a song would come on about praising in all things.

Having moments of weakness, overwhelming past, anger, (insert all other human emotions) and a song would come on about how I am loved, forgiven, understood and not alone.

The kids began singing along with the music and even though I know it is a form of torture, I joined in.

More than 30 days later, we are still listening to the station and I am blessed by this challenge. I still blow my top, mess up, burn dinner, lose my keys and stress out to the breaking points….but my soundtrack reminds me of how loved I am despite it all.

Last night after feeling sick, puny and frustrated; I wandered outside to watch and pretend to help my husband finish the horse fence. He had his truck pulled back there and THE station was serenading the activity. I listened to the words of now familiar songs of praise and watched the 5 little ones run around, while one kid helped Dad with the fence. I sat in the grass and just watched my family playing and working.

The positivity challenge has been one I am glad I accepted (unlike that drink a gallon of whole milk in 10 minutes challenge) While I would still probably bounce around to the beat of a pop song, I can’t say that my heart would be as nourished as it has been.

…and frankly….I challenge you to change your life soundtrack.

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