Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Yesterday was one of the final stages of Gracie’s evaluation into special services. One of the steps was to present me with the paper work from the evaluation that contains the graphs, charts and lots of heavily four syllable word observations on Gracie’s progress.

I held it in my hand while her two case workers spoke with me and each other about the next steps to make goals for her and her enrollment date.

Idly I flipped through the charts which made no sense to me and half listened to what they were talking about among themselves. I expected the outcome and I desired it. After dealing with Annie’s social and verbal delays with little intervention, I wanted Gracie to receive help as soon as possible.

I won’t lie though, it is a little saddening when you look at your child on a grid and listen to every part of them that makes them unique labeled and tagged for future concerns.

But, I’ve been here before.

As Gracie and I disappeared a little on the couch as they collaborated, I finally read over the first page of the evaluation.

“Gracie is a beautiful and happy 32 month old girl.”

First line made my heart swell.

Despite the scores, graphs and diagnosis; they nailed it with that line.

All the other stuff is just that; “stuff.”

The only thing that truly matters when you come down to the core of it; is that Gracie is a beautiful and happy child. She doesn’t understand the graphs and so they don’t define her.

We will continue on this path of getting her the assistance she needs to help her blossom, but the truth of it is that she has already bloomed beautifully into exactly who Gracie is meant to be.

…and frankly…I’m honored to have the opportunity in this life to watch her continue to blossom.

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  1. That really is the important thing. And it is a blessing that the people who did her evaluations were able to recognize that as well (instead of just seeing her as another graph, or chart, or number).

  2. Oh I love this so much, I have felt this way for years and years, when Ashlyn was 2 they told me she was “trainably mentally impaired.” I have never again actually listened to the test scores and evaluations, only to my daughter and what she needs most.

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