What others are saying about ME

What others are saying…

Alycia, your words are filled with hope. They make me laugh out loud, roll my eyes and from time to time, shed a tear. In short, you are a blessing to me and many others. So write, and write some more! – Lee Hodges, President of Hope Springs International

I’ve had the honor of watching Alycia deal with some very tough times in her life. Those times would have driven some women to stop writing, or to write some things they may regret down the road. In each instance, Alycia has taken it in stride, and found some valuable life lessons in the smallest areas. She’s honest with her feelings, evenly bluntly revealing her pain and anger at her late husband’s suicide. She has made me cry and then 5 seconds later made me laugh at her children’s shenanigans. She’s clever with words, she’s freaking hysterical, but most of all she’s real. – Amanda Howell, owner, coach and consultant at Amanda Sue

There are so many voices clamoring for our attention. Into that chaos comes the gentle words from Alycia. She shares honestly from a heart that has known pain, but refused despair. Her faith in the goodness of God and the power of grace are contagious. Her readers comes away, from her writing, encouraged to keep reaching for hope. – Beth Zimmerman, owner of Masterpiece


Alycia Neighbours is a woman I met through a shared love of writing, photography and dogs. Her writing humbles me, because she can make laugh out loud and seconds later I’m choking back tears as the picture she’s painting with words touches my soul and inspires me to aim for the stars, to live in the now, and to celebrate each moment.

Reading anything by Alycia is a gift and a true treat.

Kimberly Gauthier, Keep the Tail Wagging


I had the honor of getting to know Alycia over the past couple of years through blogging. It’s a weird thing, this blogging thing, where you can share with people on many levels and feel connected. I’m honored to say that Alycia is a wonderful writer whose voice is driven by honesty, conviction and laughter. Her writing changes people. It’s what all of us who write strive to do. For Alycia, it’s natural. And always welcomed. – Jerrod Crouch, Never Had One Lesson


Alycia does not hide from the hard topics. She uses her writing to bring you with her into those hard places. She shares her heart with so much beauty, grace, and honesty, that you find yourself breathless, but keenly aware of a feeling of hope. She also writes about the funny things, the nice things, and the mundane things – all with that same beauty, grace, and honesty. It is a pleasure to read her words, and to get to know her heart. – Tracie Nall, “From Tracie

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  1. I came to read your blog through Jennifer. I am so glad I did – to read the writings of such a beautifully courageous woman makes all of us women stronger…bolder. You, lady, are dancing!

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