Making Room – Home and Heart

Yesterday I talking about the challenge of feeding so many mouths when you are accustomed to cooking for a family, not a field trip. “Into The Mouths Of Babes” I received a ton of recipes that I can’t wait to try on my little army troop. Thanks!

Today we are wandering around the house looking to make room for all the kids.

There are areas that have been handled already. A game of dodge ball took care of that lamp on my side table, making room for sticky hot wheels (why they are sticky I don’t want to know) and robots. A game of tag that ended in a war took care of that horse statue on the book shelf, making room for board games. A game of rip magazines in shreds for no reason at all made room for miscellaneous drawings and art projects. My sock drawer was overtaken for a hideout for all the naked Barbies and amputee Barbies. My laundry room with its wonderfully long craft table has become the “Pit Of Despair” with 10 people’s dirty clothes that are in the queue. My recently organized kitchen junk drawer has become the duct tape, super glue and Craftsman wrench hiding place that is visited at least 10 times a day to fix the next thing that mysteriously got broken to make room for something else.

I don’t know that I am making room for the kids or if they are forcing me to hide things that I don’t want broken. Whatever we are doing it is working, because there is a lot of blank spaces now.

I am beginning to learn that my heart is much like the house. For a while I had it stuffed full with everything I thought I needed to be happy. I had a place in my heart for everything and everyone around me. I didn’t believe there was room for more, because all of my “heart shelves, nooks and crannies” were full.

Then one day my heart got broken.

Duct tape is a mighty force to be reckoned with, but even the most decorative Duct tape won’t mend a broken heart.

I held the pieces close for some time mourning the broken state. Trying to piece it together to where it made sense again. Trying to find a semblance of order to it all. Trying to emotionally redecorate my soul again into something beautiful. I managed it, but as I looked around there were still blank spaces. Spaces I could live with, but desired more.

Then came the man with his five boys.

They fit perfectly in all the broken spots. Filling up my heart’s shelves, nooks and crannies with entirely different things than I was used to. Different in nature, but settling perfectly in those empty spots.

As I look at the places in our home that have been cleared by being shattered and removed; I see my own heart. Broken. Cleared for something new. Being willing to throw away the broken pieces that will never make sense and accepting the pieces that fit in the emptiness.

I still cringe every time I hear the tinkling sounds of yet another knick-knack hitting the floor, but a part of me smiles within the frustrated sigh as I grab the Duct tape. The fullness of this house has created the fullness of my heart. With that thought, I can allow some things to be broken to allow for something new.

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  1. I love this oh-so-much! So happy for your family!

  2. This piece reminds me of my Dad. Every year for about 5 years he put a roll of duct tape into my Christmas stocking when I first moved away from home. Even now, years later, I still have some of that tape. At first I thought he was just forgetful, but at some point I thought maybe it was one way he could ‘take care’ of me without being there.

    Duct tape has a special place in my heart too. xoS

  3. My kids and husband have a place for duct tape. After being married for 27 years, I finally bought duct tape in yellow to be part of our home. When the older kids were born, I put away things that I truly didn’t want broken. As kid number 4 and 5 came along, I got rid of all the things (that I thought that I really wanted). Now being down to 3 kids at home that generally don’t break things, I don’t want those things back the could have broke. I don’t have the time to clean things. I only have time to love my family and work my business.
    I am happy that you are putting people before things. Love….

  4. I’m just in awe of how much has changed and happened in your life since I met you less than a year ago, Alycia!

    I love your attitude here and FIVE boys???? Just wow. 😉


  5. It’s amazing what the heart can hold isn’t it? Beautiful post, Alycia..

  6. I cannot believe the 180 of your life in less than a year. I am so happy for you.

    But you have my sympathy on cooking meals. Having 10 people under one roof for the holidays enlightened me how much more work it is cooking for that many people. Mostly the dishes take forever.

    And the knick knacks… it’s good to know I didn’t spawn the only crazy kamikaze children.

    The image you painted makes me smile. So thank you.

  7. this whole post just made me smile and nod my head. Sometimes the best things come out of the places we never expected to find happiness or contentment. I am so glad that your heart is making room for all the GOOD STUFF…the family that was waiting for you.

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