Into The Mouths Of Babes

“ORDER UP!!!” I sling another plate of food onto the counter and never identify the face of the one who swooped in faster than the wind to grab it.

“I want…I need…I didn’t get…I need more…”

The requests, demands and screams of dire hunger pangs soar through the kitchen.

Into the mouths of babes.

My biggest challenge so far (but I’m sure will be a mole hill in no time) is trying to feed 6 more people in my family. Not just any 6 people, but males. 3 of them are over 6 foot and the other 3 eat is though is a competition to catch up.

I’d heard jokes about how boys are bottomless pits. I scoffed. I should not have done that. Gone are the days that my little girls and I daintily dined on finger sandwiches and tea cakes. No more subdued tea parties. Now its a free for all at a frat party. I don’t think it was actually possible to inhale mashed potatoes. I am now a believer. We’ve also learned that the nice conversations of princesses and castles over dinner is over. Now its all about farting, belching and the always hysterical (ha – NOT) conversations about buttcracks.

Last night was Oriental chicken and veggies. Easy ’nuff, right?!?

In no time, I had 4 more chicken breasts on trying to cook as fast as possible while the husband was outside grilling some steaks. I had the music turned way up to drown out the pity parties of who got the most chicken on their plate and the unjustness of it all. I learned very quickly that the “Family Pack” of veggies is meant for 4 people and under. I’m going to have to look for the “Buffet Pack” from now on or the “Feeds at least a small army pack”

I used to let the chocolate milk pour freely for the sake of the precious consumable calcium going into the children’s bones. Since chocolate milk does not come in kegs with a siphon, I’ve learned to toss vitamins into little mouths and listen to the cries of the babes being denied the 3 gallons of chocolate milk they consume daily.

Cooking for the masses…it’s certainly a challenge I’m not used to. I am beginning to use my recipe finder app on my phone to search easy meals to feed 20 or more. I’m trying to find a way to coordinate efforts to make sure that everyone has a plate and there is some left for the adults so we aren’t reduced to having a Carnation Instant Breakfast with water.

Into the mouths of babes…this is where I spend most of my time. Short order cooks beware. I’m gaining so serious food slinging skills.

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  1. I only cook for a family of 6 and am always suprised how much our family eats. I can’t imagine 10. Good luck momma, you got this!

  2. Nothing can prepare you for that first ‘poo poo head’ conversation between your son and his small friend. With two older sisters, we delayed the inevitable until relatively recently but then he started school and he’s been making up for it ever since!

  3. You need a 6 qt crockpot and a membership to a wholesale club to feed your tribe. I’ll email you later with some recipes that feed my family of 4 for weeks. (literally)

  4. I have a GREAT Baked Ziti recipe that feeds 12. I’ll message it to you! 🙂

  5. Teen boys are alarmingly hungry. Wait until the little ones catch up… My best advice for having boys around? learn to enjoy fart jokes, and teach the teens to cook, ASAP. I’ve known some teen girls that can pack it away too, but they are just quieter about it! Good Luck with your new blended family, feeding the troops, and I like this design!

  6. The Duggars might have some tips for you.
    Brave, wonder mom

  7. At one point we feed 11 counting my husband and I. Now we are down to 5. We had 3 teenage boys in the house at one time. Sounds just like the way our house was.
    Now only the youngest 3 are at home. It is much quieter and less rude.
    The boys always ate much more then my girls. My girls at less meat and tended to graze on fruit and veggies. The three youngest are boy, girl, boy. The girl in the middle seems to tames them a little more.

  8. You need to start making those huge oven trays of ‘stuff’ and giant salad bowls … you will be like the ultimate Italian Cooking Mama!


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