Uncovering The Poet Through Illustrated Journaling: Psalm

I have dusted the site off and been dusting my Bible off. I recently began Bible Journaling with the ESV Single Column Journal Bible. I’ve always illustrated sermons and everything else, but never dared to do more than an underline or quick note on the actual Bible pages.

One of my biggest fears was making a mistake. Which is pretty ridiculous if you consider the whole point of the Bible, but I forgot. I began churning out art; focusing on production and not praise.


Then it happened.

I jacked up a whole page and it began to rip. I wept. I hurriedly slapped down some Gesso and stuck blank stock paper over the whole page to preserve what I could. Where the whole chapter of Psalm 34 was printed; I now had a blank sheet of paper.

Then as I sat there and music played in the background, I realized something bigger. This was my life I was looking at. Those moments where I totally messed up everything and I broke apart. I was a failure and I was embarrassed.

Then Grace.

It came in and covered my mess. Grace gave me a blank slate to make something new and beautiful out of my mess.

I ended up writing the entire chapter by hand and really read the words. Not just a few verses as I’m accustomed to doing to suit my need at the moment. Every word.

Now that’s powerful.

So I began to think about this shepherd turned King with the mind of a poet and a heart like mine. I’ve decided to really study this man by handwriting and art journaling through the whole Psalm. So I’ve dusted off this old blog of mine. All the past entries are still there, but I hope to bring you something new in this season of my life.

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