Faded Imagination

It’s been a while since I’ve done creative writing prompts here, but I found a website full of some fun ones.


Her eyes were drawn into the depths of her cracked teacup. I reached for mine so that perhaps my own cup would reveal such mesmerizing mysteries, but I grasped at empty air. She hadn’t put my cup out today. So, I placed my hands in my laps and tried to be comfortable in my crowded corner and silence.

She hadn’t spoken to me in weeks, at least not directly as she had so many times before. She muttered quite a bit, but in a manner that I could no longer convince myself was for my benefit. Even when she drew close to the areas we used to huddle together, her gaze never appeared to search my face. I waited only where she would last leave me; that’s the rules of our kind. Our very creation and existence hinged on being invited to share in the moments of a charge. We never ask or force our company on those unwilling to participate.

Four years had passed since she had first brought me to life. I was loyal to her every whim. I knew nothing of what happened outside this room, because she had kept me carefully positioned at the table set for tea. I knew of others who went on grand adventures with their makers, but I was content to abide by the broken tea set. My neighbors where a lilac colored puppy with deep purple spots and a curly headed doll that had tattoos all over her plastic molded skin from early skin art experiments of a 3 year old. They are no company though. It’s foolish to believe creations made by hand can take on life of their own. It’s only The Invisible who gain life through the creation of the mind.

I could sense that my time of service was coming to a close as my once vibrant colors of her choosing began to fade and became more bland. Most of us only have a small window in our time. Although we have heard rumors of those allowed to continue their existence through the sorrow of a broken mind that can’t proceed through their long life alone with the burdens they bear.

I had been needed so desperately for a time. She had needed a sister, a friend, a confidant in which to share tea time. We practiced becoming ladies with how we spread our napkins over our folded legs, held our fingers in refined elegance and always expressed sincere gratitude for our fresh pot of tea. I knew her secrets of the brokenness behind her bedroom door. Things that made me cringe and cry for her. I suppose that’s why she never let me adventure her with her. She felt only she was strong enough to endure.

“Hello. How was your day?”

My eyes whipped up frantically as her greeting touched my ears. I almost responded until I saw the small phone clutched to her cheek.

She had found someone else to confide her struggles and joys in. I could hear concerned whispers from the other party, but could not make out the words. Her eyes darted my direction a few times, but she saw right through me to the new posters she had placed behind me on the wall. The cute baby animals were gone and some chiseled boy-man was frozen during his crooning into a microphone.

“No. I can talk for a while. I’m in my bedroom. Alone.”

She placed her teacup down and as her back turned to me, I began to fade away. I had received my dismissal and we are never allowed to overstay when belief has ended.

For a moment the despair of being forgotten was darker than the nothingness around me. My heart broke and if I had a physical face, I’m sure tears would have decorated it.

I only had a moment though, because suddenly I felt swirled through lights and colors at dizzying speeds. When I finally stopped tilting, I found myself sitting upright in a small tent made of blankets. I was no longer the picture of a girl with bouncy curls holding a teacup, but I was a large guard dog with a beautiful black shiny collar.

I looked to my new creator as the big eyes set in the highly freckled grin of a 4 year old boy danced with glee. He threw his arms around my furry neck and began whispering in my ear.

“Will you be my friend? There are monsters in my house, but I know you’ll protect me.”

So with a nod and a ferocious snarl, I began my new post.

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