Unicorn Sparkles And Sunshine Aren’t A Religion

I’m sorry that you stepped away from your prayer of accepting Christ and right onto a Lego which caused you to curse and scream. I’m sorry you thought this was a magical bubble wrap that was going to prevent your sinful nature from ever showing.

Truth: True Christian Living will never be consistently the joyous fun of being in a bouncy house of giggling and jumping in glee. In fact, you have a target on your back now and a whole host of trials coming your way.

That’s just in your early walk.20140509-112255.jpg

High winds, earthquakes and the rains of a storm are going to come your way. Does Christianity give you firmer footing and an umbrella…YES! But it’s going to happen and get shaky and you’ll still get ravaged.

It’s called “The World” and you will fight it desperately for the rest of your life.

Through your own thoughts, disorders, habits, temptations and external influences.

Now…that I’ve danced all over your still wet baptized toes, I’ve got some good news. These things (after you’ve claimed your stake as a child of God) are not meant to destroy or dishearten you. It’s preparation for a mature walk and a way for God to reinforce your character that is being molded to refinement.

God isn’t going to tempt you with evil, He would cease to be holy and cease to be God. The blame of sin doesn’t fall under a test from God, but the blame falls on man and his sinful nature.

Sometimes sin is fun and sometimes the realities of it are downright painful as we struggle, fight and brawl with it.

Our religion…this Christianity stuff…it’s not for the faint of heart (which is why it is compared to a race…ever seen a weenie successfully win a race) but it’s not going to cover the negative from ever happening.

The thing you are fighting against that might look like a 350lb biker glaring at you from the ally calling out your name….He’s not going to win, but we aren’t going to pretend he’s not there either. We are going to face him, knowing we are equipped to win (and win we shall when we do battle under God’s mercy) and know some character refinement must have been on Gods plan for us that day.

Get your fighting gloves on. Painful is a fact of life, but there is nothing (NOTHING) that can defeat or destroy the good works He has begun in you.


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4 replies

  1. Awesome post! So true, and such a great reminder for me today. Thanks 🙂

  2. Great post.
    whenever I find myself thinking “oh God, why did this happen to me/us/my family!? why must we suffer through this?!” I almost immediately kick myself and then think “hold up there girl — you mean you want Him to pass this misery/pain/tragedgy onto ANOTHER person? instead of you? choose someone else?” yeah, flawed theory girl. THIS DAY – in all it’s glory AND trials is meant/made for YOU; and you will do better to just praise your way through.
    Pass the buck on pain; you might just pass on a blessing too.

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