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One day this guy was driving behind a 18 wheeler down the road one day. It went this way for a while until they stopped at a red light. Suddenly the driver of the big rig jumps out with a 2X4 and ran completely around his truck beating every side with all his might. Soon as the light turned green, the big rig driver got back in his truck and kept driving. The guy stayed behind the truck, but this happened three more times at every stop light the big rig driver would jump out and beat the snot out of his truck and then calmly get back in when the light turned green.

Finally at the next light, the guy gets out and yells at the big rig driver, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Still banging around the truck, the trucker yelled back “Well, there is a ten ton load limit on this rig, AND I’VE GOT TWENTY TONS OF CANARIES BACK THERE SO I HAVE TO KEEP HALF FLYING AT ALL THE TIME.”

Oh the times I have felt like that man trying to juggle ten tons of canaries at all times while still accomplishing something.


Most of the time it was (OK…99.9%) because I had put too much on myself by not respecting my own boundaries and realities of my limitations. I don’t know why I thought someone put me in charge of me.

So what do we do? We continue to circle the truck beating it to pieces (and wearing ourselves out) because at least it works. For now.

I’ve got some good news for you!!!!

First and most importantly, God is right in this with you. Our Father is a faithful and loving God who promises (and died to prove it) to be with you, stay with you and give you a way out when we are frazzled to the core. He knows when we are wild eyed crazy and promises to be gentle. (Isaiah 40:11) He’s not like me – the impatient parent waiting for you to just figure this out already! He is the perfect parent, ready to gently guide us to sit down, be still and just breathe – kinda like a “Time Out” but more spiritual in nature.

OK…so we are in “Time Out” mode and this is where the cool part happens. He gets to do the dirty work of sorting it out and showing us a way to handle it all. (Philippians 1:6) There is no perfect person that can do this for you (Sorry if you just signed up for a 100% guaranteed way to organize your life and manage your time more effectively) The moment we decided to believe, He began a process in you to help you strive to be more like Him. We are his living work of art and He’s not going to quit until you achieve your purpose that He designed you for. Now if you are like me – you see some of the picture and you want to grab the paint and finish it yourself. But you can’t see what He sees and frankly….yours is going to suck compared to His ultimate masterpiece. So get your hands off the paintbrush.

This is the part I scream “Halleluiah” (You can whisper it quietly if you are reading at work or go bold – your call) He has already put everything inside of you to handle everything that is going to come your way FOR YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. We screw it up by adding too many distractions that are shiny and get to where we are beating a big rig full of birds. His words are all there that He will guide, help and strengthen you. He fully enables you to go through your day without the juggling act and if it does seem to big at the moment. It’s just for a moment and it’s when He knows you are a little weak and just begs to hear you whisper “Help.” He doesn’t expect you to do everything this world asks of you, or to even do it perfectly.

You gotta do this though…change your pace and focus. It’s not going to be easy and sometimes you are going to cringe at your life, people around you, your decisions and your heart. If you are overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, frazzled or just plain going wonky….it is time to make choices to change.

You weren’t meant to live like this. If you are always beating that big rig, when is your heart and work going to be giving and showing His glory and mercy to yourselves and those around you?

I’m working on this so hard in my own life. I hate saying “No” or “I can’t” to anyone or any idea (even if it was my own ideas or plans) I pulled a jerk move on myself this morning by looking at my usual walking route app on my phone and getting all cocky on myself I added an extra mile. As it was talking through my headphones and my body was literally giving up; I could only blame myself and pray for the rapture. I took a moment to recognize that I set my own self up to fail by assigning myself too great a task.

It’s not just walking I struggle with. I’ve gotten more than a good dozen or so projects that I need to finish, but have nothing to do with what I feel God has called me to do….so they sit there and I beat myself up for not finishing it. Crazy because I should have known I wasn’t called to start it. It was a whim, yet I whip myself over it.


So I am changing my pace and focus. Slowing down. Sitting still. Just breathing in grace and strength. We can do this. You and me.

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  1. as I have said before.I think you have been inside my head!

  2. Can I just admit that I’m not enjoying this particular stretch of my journey. I know He has a plan and a purpose but I am so worn down and tired of pain (emotional and physical). I just want to be done so I can deal with it and move on. 😦

  3. Why does “change” feel like an ugly four letter word? I often just feel like I’m screwing everything up in my life. I’m a bad mom, bad wife, bad friend, bad Christian. I am lazy, gluttonous, envious, and so much more. Change is the one thing that would probably actually make me feel better about myself and it’s so hard! But, like you said…. Slow down. Focus. We can do this.

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