The Whole World And He Chose Me.

Last night my horse got out of his fence. We got a call from a neighbor early in the morning that Amadeus was walking through her yard. Barely awake and not operating on coffee, I grabbed his lead rope and stumbled over to the neighbor’s house.

All the while, thinking there is no way I’m going to catch him when he faces miles of unlimited grass and total freedom.

I have been working with him for almost two years and have a special whistle and “call” for him. As soon as I saw him, I whistled and called his name the same way I have from “Day One.” He looked at me and stood still while I clipped on his lead rope. Calmly, we walked back to my yard and I got him safely put in the front fenced area.

It didn’t register until I was walking back in the house how easy it was to catch him. Then I realized that it wasn’t that the act was easy; it was that he knew I was calling him home and he loves me.

I guest posted today about being a prodigal (HERE) and this just ties into it beautifully….almost like a “God Thing”

As I sat and marveled over my horse choosing to walk captured with me rather than run around the world free, I had to recognize God and us in that act.

We are created as His children, but I imagine He marvels when we finally hear His call and leave the world to walk by His side. It almost seems like a crazy choice to leave the freedom of boundaries to being in one place.

When we see the “one place” as the one place we are loved and provided for, it’s not such a crazy choice after all.


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