30 Days Of Truth – Day 4

*Big Oopsie – Yesterday I announced the Living Social Live Chat was that night. It is actually TONIGHT at 8EST and I am a big doodoo head.

Also in addition to that sweet Southern Belle I introduced you to yesterday…her boyfriend got on the blogging bandwagon. This duo is hilarious together and I am thrilled to get to follow both of their lives! J.R. is aiming to become an elementary school teacher to 2nd graders and you can read about him HERE 

Day 4 – Something you have to forgive someone for.

From the wording here I am assuming that I have to write more about the “something” than the “someone” *Whew* Glad I wasn’t going to have to call out names or anything.

The “Something” that I have to forgive that someone(s) are doing is: Assumption

I can’t stand for someone to assume anything about me. If you spent half the time it took to assume “xy” about me actually talking to me about “xy” then we may have gotten somewhere. When you assume “xy” about me and let your actions reflect your belief then you haven’t even given me a chance.

I am pretty open and direct on my feelings, etc. I have no problem at all telling you if you did something to irritate me, shun me, etc. If I haven’t told you this; then it hasn’t happened. End of story. I am not one to merely fade into the background nursing some kind of grudge. I would rather confront the issue at hand and lets solve is together.

So if you are reading this and you have made an assumption about a certain way I think of something without asking me and it has affected our relationship; I forgive you. Chances are I don’t even know this assumption you have made about me (since I am not a mind reader or anything) and all I know is that our relationship is strained. Let’s talk about it, mm’kay?

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  1. My mum always told me:”To ASSUME is to make an ASS out of U and ME.”Like it!

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