Lessons Learned – Kids Have No Sense Of Humor

Kids are not born with a sense of humor. Humor must be something that is perfected over time.
Lessons in kids with no humor:

  • 3 year olds are not amused when a parent hides in their closet to throw ice cold water on them.
  • 4 year olds will declare themselves a Vegan when a parent drives by a cow pasture and points out the hamburgers.
  • Shorting sheets does not work on those under 4 feet tall.
  • Putting a fake spider in the bathtub will result in a boycott of bath time.
  • Replacing their bowl of vanilla ice cream with sour cream does not cause laughter but puking.
  • Putting an ice cube in a diaper loses the shock factor when the wetness is just absorbed.
  • Finding a perfect hiding spot is not recommended when playing with children under 3. This has a tendency to bring back all the separation anxiety.
  • When working in the kitchen, do not coat hand with ketchup and begin screaming. Children under 5 do not appreciate gory humor.
  • Putting Vaseline on the seat of a toilet does not encourage a toddler to potty train as they continually slide off into the floor.
  • Teaching “knock knock” jokes is impossible when one has the attention span of a gnat and drools constantly.

What has proved to you that kids have no sense of humor?

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5 replies

  1. On Halloween my 5 yr old had a meltdown when daddy had him knock on our door to trick or treat when they came home. “but I'm not supposed to knock. I live here!!”.

  2. oh my goodness i love you, hahai mean this is so my house.

  3. don't make me laugh, it makes me cough.

  4. Ha!! The other day, I hear my baby coming down the hallway…I jumped out from around the corner and the poor little thing dropped to her knees.I died.Then, I woke to fits of laughter and clutching my tummy!It was, seriously, too funny.I don't understand my obsession with startling people…it must be some kind of sickness. 😉

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