If A Tweet Falls In The Woods…

So, if a Tweet falls in the woods…would you hear a chirp?

*chirp chirp*

I am getting to where I must have my Twitter; like I must have my kids’ kisses, my 15 cups of coffee or my favorite bra with the clasp broken clean.

At first when I signed up I couldn’t get my thoughts into 140 characters, but I have learned the power of word harnessing and the power of the “RAWR” (Thanks taxmegan for that one) which is a sweet 4 letter word when nothing else quite shows disgust at a situation.

Then there is the all powerful #fail. Such as…

  • Donut consumption in the morning…#fail
  • Bleach in the colored clothes…#fail
  • teaching my kids to share…#fail
  • having a good hair day….EPIC #fail

I can’t tell you how many times my scowl has been changed by a hopping topic through my Twitter buddies.

For many Twitter is a egotistical way of seeing how many people you can get interested in what you have to say. Some obsess over their “followers”, but there are select groups of people out there that actually use it for a social connection. It’s used as a quick “reach out and touch someone” automobile.

I want to use this blog post (and the power to write well over 140 words if I want to….thankyouverymuch) to say a quick thank you to the people who pop up throughout the day to inform, acknowledge and humor me.

Thank you for caring when I have a bad day and asking if anyone has survived.

Thank you for sharing pictures of my kids and noticing if they are wearing clothes or have a booger dangling.

Thank you for the fun little games even if I am the oddball who loves Gordon Lightfoot.

Thank you for being there when I need a little encouragement to make it all the way through the rivers of ironing.

Thank you for the weather reports of 75 degrees and sunny when I am facing an ice storm.

Thank you for pictures of glorious grilled beef when I am suffering a salad.

Thank you for updates on your workout and marathon when I am sitting on the couch eating marshmallows and fudge icing.

Thank you for bragging about your kid’s 2 hour nap when mine are imitating the WWF and coloring on the walls.

Thank you for the movie review of the most awesome movie ever when I am watching WonderPets for the 5,689th time.

Thank you for the picture of the roses your husband sent you when me and mine are bickering over who changed the last diaper. (oh yeah…that was me!)

Thank you for providing me your phone number so I can call and sing random songs on your voicemail.

Most of all…thank you for being my friend. (This last comment was under 140 characters…un#fail)

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7 replies

  1. I'm reserving joining twitter until I have a phone with better internet capabilities!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting pictures of your teeny tiny adorable baby and making it a daily even of me and the hubs “debating” on having another.Thank you for calling and singing Rump Shaker and making me almost pee my pants.Thank you for laughing at me and informing the twitter world I can't spell Elvis.You rock!! 🙂

  3. I love me some YOU!I have listened to you singing more times that I care to admit. I was telling my mom that my pants are fitting looser (is that a word??) and SHE sang pants on the ground. You have some competition,just sayin.

  4. Girl…you are DA BEST!!! I love it! And thank YOU…for sharing your stuff with us…I know I can count on my bladder being challenged by you many times a day!Love ya!!

  5. Love me some twitter! I'm so addicted to it. I can imagine life without it.

  6. i love twitter. some days i may send 10 or 15 and some days like today i send none. my husband loves to recieve them and laugh at our day. i have actually gone in and deleted the spam on my account several times.

  7. I have an award for you on my blog :)~WM

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