Itty Bitty Highness

So there is a guy named Samuel who God instructs to go to a certain place and talk to certain men and one of them would become the new King for their land. One just simply doesn’t argue with a direction from the Devine. I’ve done this a lot few times and it never ends well. Trust me on this.

So Samuel travels to Bethlehem (Pop quiz: what other King was born in Bethlehem?) and meets up with Jesse and his seven super qualified, big strapping, King-like boys. It’s time for an episode similar to “The Bachelor” just without the sniveling women, fake marriage and the bonus of kingdom to rule.

Back in these days, brains and treasures, didn’t put you in the qualifying rounds for being King. Kings had to be the biggest and strongest. It didn’t matter that you could outsmart your enemy, you had to be able to squash him like a grape.

So Jesse parades each barrel chested, brawny hunk in front of Samuel, but God keeps whispering “Nope, Nada, Zilch, Oh heck no!) as each one passes by.

Samuel finally asked “Are you sure you don’t have anymore sons?”

Jesse and the sons giggled a little as they admitted there was one more. Just an itty bitty weakling that hung out playing his flute to the sheep. That weirdo misfit, David.

They called for him and as Samuel peered way down at him, God whispered, “This is the One. For he has a heart like mine; full of love. One of his descendants will also be a King and save the world forever.”

So Samuel (1 Samuel 16) anointed David’s head with oil and a new King was crowned that day from the most unlikely.


We always underestimate ourselves when we think of what we were created to be or to do. Too small, too weak, don’t like public speaking, has a wart on our nose….whatever, we have no clue what God has created in us and what he sees us possible of doing.

I think, though, sometimes we like our excuses. It’s comfortable to lean back on our reasons of not being qualified, because what if we failed a “God calling?” (Although if you ignore it, you pretty much already failed. Boom)

Philippians 4:13 “For I can do anything through God who gives me strength”

It’s not about our excuses, our laziness or whatever else we can come up. It’s about the scrawny kid inside you that was destined to be great when you choose to accept that kind of power.

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