Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I wrapped up reader questions yesterday and was all set to write something else today, but a last minute question came.

I scrapped my inspirational post that would have made the angels weep, because I felt this question was so important.

Lena from “Lovin’ My Crazy Life” asked, “If there were ever a serious coffee shortage, would we think our kids’ antics are as cute as we do now?”

Ok, so I think we all know what my answer to that question would be, so there is little reason to delve into that. Instead, I want to tell you about this woman who asked me the question.

We’ve been online friends for a while and have achieved the “stalker” status in our relationship. We follow each other on blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, email and text messages. There is no where I go that I don’t see her friendly “face” pop up.

The thing that I love about this woman is that she sees “ME.” So often in the online world we “like” or “follow” someone that seems to be on the same page as we are, but we never take the time to really get to know the person. Then when we don’t see them online as much, we wander away. Not on purpose, but it happens.

We met in the early days of “Crayon Wrangler” and have done nothing but become closer. Through the dark places in my life story, she always came through with words of encouragement. When the “Crayon Wrangler” empire (that may be a stretch) fell, so many people that I thought were friends just disappeared. When my writing became more serious and more of the true ugly parts began to reveal themselves, she was always there.

Time put us on a level where we eventually exchanged phone numbers.

Every time I write a blog post, she sends me her comments through a text message. When we are having a tough day we connect and renew. When I need a laugh, something like this comes through…

I truly believe that God has orchestrated our friendship because I need a Lena in my life many times. Her faithfulness, her love for family, her love of God and her hilarious sense of humor balance me on days that I really need it.

Life has taught me that friendships of all kinds are essential to our growth into who we are. We need friends of all types to cultivate all the different sides that make us unique. As women, we need friends that become our sisters, we need friends that tickle our funny bones, friends who challenge us to deepen our faith, friends who hold us when we fall and friends that even when you aren’t anywhere close to each other, you know that they hold you close in their hearts.

…and frankly…sometimes God gives us a Lena that fills all the roles.

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