In Being Uncomfortable….

I was talking to a friend about the movie “Evan Almighty” What brought it up was we were talking about me parenting 8 children. I joked (not really) that I had prayed once for patience with my 3 daughters. God laughed and delivered me 5 stepsons as an answer. If there was ever a opportunity to learn about more patience…He delivered it ten-fold (or 5-fold…or something…math isn’t my strong suit)

There is a part in the movie that talks about God providing you Opportunities instead of Solutions in answering our prayers about our character. Love that part, but more than that part I love the scene where Evan is talking to his wife about the impending flood. She says something about perhaps God didn’t mean a literal flood of water, but rather a spiritual flood. Evan’s reply? “I’m gonna be so pissed.”

I love his reply in that because it shows that as a human he would be disappointed in the fact that there is no literal flood, but at no time does he say he is going to abandon faith or plans to make the ark as he was instructed.

So often we try to translate the lessons and opportunities that we have been given into something we are more comfortable with handling. Perhaps the real lesson was following the lesson or opportunity into something we are uncomfortable with but we continue to do anyways. Allowing ourselves to squirm in noticeable uncomfortableness, but remain faithful in our actions.

I don’t think there is anything frowned on from The Almighty when we are following what he has asked of us and when we stop to say “God…this stinks and I am uncomfortable with this.” Even Jesus in the garden before being crucified did his own version of it when he prayed that “the cup of suffering be taken from me, but not my will but yours be done” (<- loosely translated in Alycia-ese. The verse is Luke 22:42 if you want the real words)

To me its powerful that even Jesus admitted the situation no matter how much it was warranted by God, said “this stinks and I don’t want to.” It doesn’t make things better or release us from being uncomfortable, but the fact that we continue in those moments shows our faith.

I’ve learned to be cautious with my prayers for character. If I prayed for patience with 3 daughters and he blessed with me 5 more children in my home….what’s going to happen if I pray for peace while trying to clean house?

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  1. I’ve prayed for strength and guidance on many occasions. Uh-oh.

  2. Reading your conclusion, poor old Job springs to mind. If he didn’t tell God that he didn’t like it very much, I don’t know who did! 😉

    I’ve never formulated this into anything like thoughts that can be written down before today but reading this, I realise that I used to be a bit scared of what I prayed for, particularly around stuff to do with the kids. Say like if I heard of a little one with a terminal illness, I might wind up praying for my children’s health because I couldn’t begin to imagine how those poor parents must be coping and I really didn’t want to find out! And then I’d worry that I shouldn’t pray that because what if God decided to teach me how I could cope. You see how the thinking goes … really messes with your head if you take it too far!

    I think the story of Job didn’t do much to help with that one but what did totally transform my relationship with him was reading The Shack. You read that? I’ll not say more, just in case, because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, but I have a feeling you might love it. 🙂 For me it started me on a journey toward finding the real love of God for each of us, individually, wonky teeth and daft jokes and all.

    • I haven’t read it, but will download it on Ye Olde’ Kindle tonight! Loving our conversations lately. I always bring something away from the table!

      • I should have warned you sooner … you’ll need a tissue or 10. That’s no reflection on you. I don’t know a parent out there who could get to the end without a tear. There are bits that just made my heart ache. But there are huge parts that are just so wonderful and glorious and … well, I shall stop and wait to hear what you think 😉

  3. I prayed for patience and my 2 middle kids were very hard to raise. God is still teaching me through these kids. I tell people never to pray for patience because he will give you something to practice on.

  4. Great thoughts for my day! Sometimes I want to tell God that I’m not to sure about the current situation and how it’s being dealt with (or from my narrow perspective, not being dealt with) …but then realize He already heard it the moment I thought it so I might as well talk it over with Him. I’m amazed at His patience with me! Thanks for the thoughts Alycia!

    • Amen – “I’m amazed at His patience with me” Oh the grumbling and complaining He has heard from my heart. I can almost picture Him shaking his head at me as my Father whispering me to just be patient and it will all make sense if I just see it through. Jonah and his foot stomping all the way to get to Ninevah has been a wonderful lesson for me lately. Thanks for popping in!

  5. I too have learned to be cautious in my prayers.
    I have learned many lessons the hard way but through Gods plan.

    • You are like all over my blog today…Does my heart happy to see you! The lessons does to make us want to be cautious, but I think he wants us to be more daring and willing to take our lessons!

  6. I tired of praying for answers to why the finances always fell short, my body was always breaking down, and why the 4 women I live with seemed to always be sick. Then, right before Christmas, I think God spoke to me.

    For the month of January my family is doing a fast. Not a Gandhi fast but giving up unhealthy habits – both food and other. We are in day 3 and so far there has been no arguing, no money issues, and the five of us are enjoying each otehr’s company. The kids are inhaling fruits and vegetables. The water and juice we’re drinking is making us feel better than sodas and tea.

    The point, God said, “show me you love me”….we’re doing that and slowly but surely, we are becoming more organized, nicer, cleaner, and healthier. I think God speaks clearer than cynics think.

    Now, if God meant I just needed to get a better day planner and shop at a different grocery store, I’m going to be pissed.

    • We really need to do that around here too. I think our soda (mine especially) and convenience foods is out of control. Bad enough on the finances, but heaven help what it is doing to our bodies (which totally affects our mental soul as well)

      Show me you love me….I really like that. What a challenge!

      You had me rolling at the better day planner line. 🙂 Thanks for chiming in with valuable insight!

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