Ready To Dance

This past weekend I had a situation come up and turned to one of my good friends for reassurance that I could handle it. I had been there before, I knew what to do. Yet, I worried, doubted and got downright scared of the outcome.

In a moment of false bravado I boldly said, “I got the shoes. I got the dress. I am ready to dance.”

As I began to navigate the situation, she would notice my insecurity showing and would give me the new war cry. “You got the shoes. You got the dress. Time to dance.” The others around us had no idea what we were talking about and I would collapse in fits of laughter with her as I put my “dancing shoes” back on.

Although it had nothing to do with dancing and I wouldn’t know a dance shoe if I tripped over it…which I have…the saying has become a new motto to me.

It says to me that I already have everything I need to face any situation that I may come across on the “dance floor.”

I just have to decide to “dance.”

Over the weekend, I danced. I tripped a couple of times and stepped on some toes, but I was there on the dance floor with my dress and shoes.

I have decided to DANCE.

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  1. The wonderful thing about dancing is the reckless abandon one has while doing it. Who cares if you dance perfectly, who cares if you are a ballerina, or merely a booty-shaker. Let the music of life lift you up and carry you on its wings….THAT, is what it is to dance.

  2. Love it! Good for you. It reminds me of that Leann Womack song.

  3. Love the metaphor of the dance, which includes both leading and following. My chiropractor recently asked me if there was something I no longer do that I miss doing and my response was dancing. I now have a plan to go dancing in the fall when all my treatments are done 🙂

    Yes Alycia, it’s time to dance!

  4. I hope you dance yourself silly because sometimes making a fool of yourself on the dance floor is the most fun!

  5. I know your DANCE is going to be worth watching! The music is starting…xoxo

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