A Wild Kind Of Happy

Took the kiddos to the zoo today….who am I kidding, I took me and my camera to the zoo today. I am now in desperate need for a better zoom lens and a trip to Africa or anywhere else these animals hang out. Shooting through cages is depressing at best, but they were still beautiful. Here is just a few of the hundred (who am I kidding…a thousand) pictures I shot.

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  1. Oh goodness, those pictures are beautiful. I especially love the ones of the Giraffe! Our Zoo has a baby Giraffe, and she is sooo adorable. She’s just a few weeks old, I’m taking my kiddo’s to the zoo this Friday to see her πŸ™‚

    • Have fun! I could have watched that sweet baby for hours. Daddy Giraffe was quite the camera hog, so I have plenty of him but not many of that precious little one.

  2. They are just gorgeous! The picture of the giraffe is my favorite (they are my favorite ‘zoo animal’) . Any. Chance of me getting a copy? I’ll pay!

    Your talent is unmatched…wow!

  3. These are magnificent….Truly. I love the zoo. My family went to the one in Jacksonville, FL not too long ago just in time, now it’s just to hot to even think about it.

  4. Soo pretty. You are a great photographer Alycia!

  5. After I said on another post that I’m reader, but not much of a commenter, I have gone all crazy comment-y on your posts today. Go figure!

    Anyway, I LOVE your photographs. They are stunning. Absolutely stunning. I showed them to the toddler and she giggled and laughed and pointed out all the animals delighted. It felt like we were right there with you and those animals were going to jump out at any moment!

    Thank you for sharing these. Lovely.

  6. I love taking pictures at the zoo, my husband cracks up that I take the same picture

  7. Such amazing photos! And somehow … I didn’t see the cages! Just beautiful faces (especially that giraffe) and deep green grass!

  8. Been thinkin’ about you, friend. Hope you are well…glad to hear that you are rebuilding and “refinding” yourself!

  9. such talent you have!
    a coffee table book in your future perhaps – in fact have an idea for that for you … should chat!

  10. I’m just now visiting your new site. I love it! Isn’t wordpress awesome!?! And I hope the divorce is a “good” change for you & your kids. I’ll be praying for you guys. πŸ™‚

  11. Whoa–I was excepted normal zoo pictures. These are awesome! I’ll never look at my sad zoo pictures the same.

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