Project 365 Day 11

I have a dream…
We are all consumed by dreams, they creep in every day.
Things we wish we would have done or wish that we could say.
Time that has flown right past when we were too busy see,
The chances and opportunities and what could actually be.
The dream is the music of the soul; the essence of our heart.
Yet what if we let our dreams define us? Where would we start?
Would we begin our day different with our dreams leading our way?
Should we do the things we dream of and say what we want to say?
Your reality will never become your dream if you don’t step aside.
Let your dreams define you and let your dreams decide.

*I am participating in Project 365 – Self Portraits. All pictures in this collection are taken by either timer or remote. The pictures taken are used to recreate an emotion for that day. Contrary to comments that have been received this is not a “narcissistic display” but rather a project to improve my photography skills, creativity and self image. All comments are appreciated and photography advice is welcome!

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