Project 365 Day 10

The sun has been out for two days and I could have laid there forever. 

Well, I laid there just long enough for the mud to completely soak through my shirt and pants. That has got to be the nastiest feeling ever. We have to accept though with the sun and thawing snow, there has got to be mud puddles left behind.

I’m sure there is some really awesome life analogy in there somewhere, but I am too tired to think of one right now. I’d love for you to leave me your opinion on an analogy though in the comments.

*I am participating in Project 365 – Self Portraits. All pictures in this collection are taken by either timer or remote. The pictures taken are used to recreate an emotion for that day. Contrary to comments that have been received this is not a “narcissistic display” but rather a project to improve my photography skills, creativity and self image. All comments are appreciated and photography advice is welcome!

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