Project 365 Day 12

Mom Down. Mom Down.

Well John…you knew there would be bad days, but I won’t fail “The Project”! Pbbbt!

No matter what super powers Moms may have, there are just so many times you can be puked on. Apparently 6 times within 24 hours is the magic number.

My stomach started rolling a bit last night like a theme park ride. You know at the end of the ride there is that clown? The evil little one that laughs in your face? I saw that. Well, actually it was one of the girls who had made it to my bedside just so she could shake me away and then puke all over my shoulder, arm and sheets. (Maria…if you are laughing…and I know you are…karma, lady. Karma)

So I am staying in bed today. With the exception of taking care of the kids, cleaning up, encouraging crackers and hydration….what I mean to say is that I will be a mom and wish I was staying in bed,

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