A Present Overlooked

For several weeks now a Christmas gift for the girls has been in the garage. Its what they both wanted more than anything and between my parents and us; we made it possible for them.

The box actually has a picture on the outside of it that shows the assembled product, but the box sits among other boxes and the girls have not noticed it. The other boxes in the garage they have known the contents of since we moved in earlier this year. Books that haven’t been put up, outgrown clothes and other knick knacks that have not been placed in our house yet. Because they think they know what the boxes in the garage contain; they do not notice this large box that contains their dream. Every day they walk by the box with its contents plainly pictured and every day they don’t realize its contents. They are so blinded by what experience has taught them.

How often do we have “presents” in our life that we simply overlook? Just because they are not under a tree with a shiny bow on them, we walk past them. We have in our minds an idea of what a present looks like and when it shows up in a plain box, we just keep searching.

Perhaps you are looking for a friend. Did you notice everyone today that may have smiled at you regardless of their age, sex, color or social status?

Perhaps you want a new start for your life. Did you notice every small opportunity that was presented today or were you looking for the big opportunity only?

Maybe you wanted a relationship to heal. Did you take every chance to be kind in your actions, words and thoughts?

Did you want to beat the sadness that is within you? Did you notice the sun coming up, the food that you had for breakfast and all the other blessings that you will have today that show that you are loved?

Do you have presents in plain sight that you are overlooking?

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6 replies

  1. LoL I used to do this all the time (be the oblivious kid…). My parents had an entire waterbed stashed in the garage and I never noticed. *sigh*I like what you did with this post. I try to find my little blessings and not be oblivious in life…altho, sometimes I do better than others…LoL

  2. I find the longer that something is in plain sight, the less likely they are to notice it! Thanks for reminding me to look at all my gifts..that's hard for me sometimes.

  3. Man after my day yesterday this was awesome to read. I have gifts I overlook everyday. Thanks for the lift.

  4. That is funny, Just the other day, my daughter said that she hides thing from her brothers in the summer time in their winter coats…. They walk past them all summer never think to look in them.Grate post! I had a bad day today and I had to go back and find the good hidden in it.Thanks.

  5. This is such a great post. What a great reminder. We need to look around us and be thankful for the gifts we have been given!

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