What’s Up Wednesday

It’s been another whirlwind week and we are only halfway through. A few of those days were really frustrating and made me want to hide in the laundry room and have keg parties with Hershey’s syrup. Here is “What’s Up Wednesday”

Since three car seats don’t fit well in a Bentley, I choose to drive a minivan. This minivan has more quirks than the crazy aunt who has a house full of cats and collects troll dolls. Not that MY aunt is like that…just someone’s crazy aunt. It has been in and out of the shop and will go back for the final round today.

The dentist appointment runs began this week in a rush to use all of our benefits for this year. We found a new dentist and I am thrilled about that! My only complaint is the waiting room restroom. It is dead center in the waiting room and has one of those air flow grates in the door. When positioned on the throne you can see the feet of the people in the waiting room chairs and hear them talking as though you were sitting next to them…well, you ARE sitting next to them. AWKWARD. Not only that, but the door is hard to shut and latch. While I was getting my cleaning on, Belly had to “take care of some business”. I left the room and went to check on Belly. There I found the poor child in the “oval office” doing her business with the door wide open. She was letting everyone know that she was indeed “pooping and leave me alone”. Yup…we are going to have to do something about the waiting room restroom situation.

I have a maternity shoot today. Not quite like the annual turkey shoot and cornhole contest, but I am excited. This lady is actually having her baby on Friday and I am actually getting her baby for a newborn shoot as well. GIDDY EXCITEMENT!!!

The kids are all doing well. The only major fight the older two had this week was over who was the nicest. Ahh…sibling rivalry. Awesome. Buzz is really getting into story telling. No, not lying…well, in a way it is…but “Once Upon A Time” story telling. It is precious to hear, but hard to follow the story with her speech delay. Belly usually fills in the blanks that Buzz can’t seem to get out, but I can’t wait for the day that Buzz can tell a story all by herself with all the words that she can think of. Bitsy has started feeding herself, which is a glorious day! I love my little squishy babies, but there comes a time when I am just ready to quit having to feed, carry, etc. and just want to see a little independence from them.

The trees are beginning to change around here and it has been a lot cooler. I have pulled out the fluffy robes, positioned the hot chocolate at the front of the pantry and begun to hum Christmas carols when nobody is listening. Buzz has told us that what she wants for her birthday is for Santa Claus to tell her “Happy Birthday”. Thankfully her birthday is in Dec. so this is a possibility!

That’s “What’s Up Wednesday”…..What’s Up With You?????

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5 replies

  1. Wow, that does sound like a whirlwind! I love how you 'chose' a minivan over the Bentley. ;)Keep on keepin' on girl!xoxo

  2. I am right there with you and the whirlwind craziness!We have two vehicles that we have to keep from dieing before we can replace them. Now we just have to figure out how to do that before we spend thousands of dollars to repair vehicles that desperately need replacing. Gah!Good luck with your maternity shoot!

  3. busy busy!! 🙂 Sounds like my week! Except our dentist appointments are next week!

  4. We must live in a parallel Mommy universe because your life sounds a lot like mine right now…except I drive a crappy, broken down Vue and my squash baby isn't quite eating alone but can.now roll 4 times in quick succession. Boy how things change fast…

  5. Totally meant squishy baby…not squash. Although she does love squash…

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