Sleeping Through The Storm

Storms rolled through in the night. Not just any storms, but the kind that the News channels beg you to find your safe place, locate your flashlights and make sure that you have plenty of chocolate in your safe area. OK…so maybe they didn’t say anything about the chocolate, but its just a good rule to have.

For years I have been the one to stay up into the night when there was a possibility of a storm that was severe. I was the one checking the radar with an intensity that matches a child checking the chimney on Christmas Eve. I paced the floors alone. I peered out the windows at the clouds. I prepared to grab children as they streaked from their rooms at the first house shaking thunder.

Last night, I slept through the storm.

I didn’t realize the significance of it until I was fading into sleep. I had watched the alerts start coming up on the tv and phone at the beginning of the night, but the storm system wasn’t due to hit us until midnight.

I was exhausted and my husband looked at me and said, “I’ll stay up and watch until the storms pass.”

I type this with the biggest smile on my face.

I have a husband who is willing to “stay up and watch until the storms pass.” Not only the weather, but he has been there in our lives keeping watch while the storms pass. In the dark times of the girls’ grief that comes out in a storm like intensity; he is there. He understands their loss of a father, but provides them with a comforting shoulder that only a dad can do.

He has been there in my own grief. The times that I take the burdens on my shoulders and crumble in the storms. He keeps watch until they pass.

He exemplifies the relationship that God has with his children. God doesn’t promise that there will never be a storm. Sometimes the storms are so intense that they destroy everything around us. God does promise that He will keep watch until the storms pass. Allowing us to sleep in comfort and peace.


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3 replies

  1. You sweet dad stayed up with Mo so I could sleep too! Great guys!!!

  2. I am happy that you have someone to protect your. Your knight in shining armor.

  3. How beautiful is this. I’m so glad you’ve found your knight in (not quite) shining armor too. XOXO

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