The Dream Home

I wanted to put these in order for you, kinda like a virtual tour…but Blogger is a pain and I am lazy.

So here is The Dream Home. Move in will be in 3 weeks.

This is the side yard. (There are 20 more acres that look just like this)

Front porch (Hello rocking chairs and sweet tea!)

View from the front porch

Back of the house (I love the concrete porches here)

Dining room

Living Room (and a partial of Buzz)

Entry way (Love the natural light and light fixture – Both Belly and Buzz make an appearance here)

Met some of my neighbors. I think we will get along great. They have kids too.

This is the street leading to the house

Another pic of the street.

The front of the house and Buzz being a nut!

Hello kitchen…I love you.

Breakfast nook and one very happy Bitsy

There are more pictures that aren’t being published here due to the fact that I am an idiot who can’t seem to use a flash.

Picture a jacuzzi tub on a pedestal with a step up…

Picture 3 upstairs bedrooms for the kids that are just the perfect size…

Picture an upstairs kids bathroom that is blue and covered in fish stuff (ick…but the kids like it)

Picture a master bedroom that has two huge windows and a tray ceiling with two (yes..TWO) walk-in closets.

Thank you for taking this little tour with me and THANK YOU for praying along with me that this would be a reality!

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26 replies

  1. Congrats on the new house! I know that you just can't wait!

  2. Oh.My.Gawd.That house is beautiful! You must be so excited, I know I am just looking at it :)You should invite your neighbors over for a bbq ;)(I don't eat beef, and yet that still made me laugh)(and yes I laugh at my own jokes)(because I am a dork like that)I can't wait to see the more pictures!!Congrats on your Dream Home!

  3. Your new place is gorgeous. I sure do miss that area!

  4. Your virtual reality is simply beautiful. I love your spacious kitchen, I could do some serious cooking in there, and great neighbors too. Sending warm wishes for lots of happiness in your beautiful new home.

  5. Beautiful! Congrats! Wow, look at all that land!BTW, have you ever used Live Writer? It makes uploading photos WAY easier…just FYI 🙂

  6. woohoo!! SOOO exciting!!!! CONGRATS!

  7. It's beautiful!! How exciting!!

  8. I am so jealous.How do you spell jealous? K-A-T-E.But more than that, I'm thrilled for you! You deserve this!

  9. OMG…I am with Kate – SUPER jealous!!!! The house is exactly what you wanted/needed and it is beautiful!!!! Congrats 🙂

  10. I had to wipe the drool off the keyboard to type this! The kitchen is amazing. Wait… the whole house is amazing. Congratulations.

  11. Oh, it's lovely! Congratulations!!! I LOVE the baby cow!!

  12. So pretty! Thanks for posting some pictures. You have to post more when all your stuff is in there.

  13. I may come over and park myself in that kitchen.

  14. Oh I'm so drooling over that kitchen. Congratulations!! again and again.

  15. Your dream house is truly a dream house. Is the pond on your property? What a lovely view! I love the kitchen. When you get your camera to work, will you post more pictures? Love the post!

  16. I'm SO jealous. SO SO SO jealous! It's absolutely beautiful!

  17. Oh wow, oh wow, oh WOW!!!!Soooooo glad my internet came up before I went to work! I was dying to see these pics!!!It's gorgeous…poifect!

  18. It's beautiful!! I know you must be so excited!

  19. Congrats and happy decorating!

  20. Oh my word….it's beautiful!!! We have black granite and I want to paint our cabinets white like that. SO pretty and SO happy for you!~melody~

  21. What a beautiful house and yard. Congrats on finally getting your home you have wished for!!

  22. Love that kitchen!!!! Congrats and best wishes for a somewhat stress free move and transition.

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