Five Question Friday – Vloggin

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  1. ahahahahahahahhahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I first read “If you are seeing this message, it means you are now obligated to leave me a message.” I was like WHAT!? that is so scary! and then I realized that it's you being funny. haha. Yeah apparently I am super blonde today! Whoops 🙂 Annnnyways! I loved your vlog, you're so cute and funny! Congratulations on moving! That is soo exciting! A big house with 20 acres and a big kitchen sounds FABULOUS!! I am so excited for you!!!…also, I love me some muppets as well. …I forgot about them…I just said what came to mind first.

  2. YOU are too funny!Butt crack of Dawn! Bwahahahahaha!!

  3. you make me giggle every week! Congrats on the new pad 🙂

  4. I am desperate to change my address too, I'm packing with nowhere to go yet!! Congratulations on your new house. That's great. I like your wishes, I need Rosie too but I wouldn't of thought of her.

  5. Oh good! I can comment on your blog again! YAY!!This is the first time I've ever “seen” you and I love it! You speak just as well as you write 🙂

  6. I LOVED this vlog! You are so FUNNY and personable! If I lived near you I know we'd be good friends. I'd be over with my cup of coffee…and a Dr. Pepper for you! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  7. ahh! I forgot about Rosie.. I soo need her at my house! All day everyday!Congrats on your new house.. I know you and your family are super excited. I can not wait to see pics! Hurry up on that ok ;)Have a wonderful weekend

  8. Awesome on the house! I don't know why but in my head you dont have an accent. kinda surprised me. I know I'm strange and I assign people voices in my head. Maybe assign is to strong of a word. Okay now I'm just strange because I'm strange. So congrats on the house and I'm very jealous.

  9. It think it is funny people think you have an accent…sound pretty normal to me 😉 hahaha…Congrats on the house, can't wait to see it!!! I sub 3 days this week, once I have this job secure, I will have more free time. PRAY!!! We have the trailer and that might be cheaper since you've got extra time before you have to be out of your house. what eva…just let me know. can't wait to hear the phone interview…SWEET!Love you, sis

  10. LOVE the vlog!!!!!I think we should go back to high school together…and just goof off and have a good time…not do all the 'school' stuff though. ha!!LOL @ the 2 wishes and the economic times! hahaha The Muppet Show neeeeeeds to come back! Yaaay for the dream house!!! OK, SO cool about your interview coming up! ~melody~

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