Nashville Flooding

A few pictures from my neighborhood. They have shut down most of our roads now and power has been out for 5 hours (YAY cabin fever kids!) We went out to get gas for the generator so I snapped a few shots of what it looks like in our area which is not bad at all compared to further down the road. They are reporting 6-10 feet of rushing water on a lot of the downtown area streets. Right now we are powering the fridge, tv and internet and so the kids are pretty happy. We can only run a few things at a time so we are having to bounce things around.

There are massive power outages so we don’t know when we might have real power back. It is still raining but should be ending tonight. There are many in our neighborhood with flooded houses, say some prayers for them!

The following images are from WKRN

We are having some crazy storms and flooding that started yesterday and looks as though it will continue through today. The Head Crayon, The Scribblers and I went out yesterday before it started too bad to pick up some mirrors I found on Craigslist that I want for my new bathroom. The weather threat at that time was to our northeast so we felt it was safe. Ummm….well, not so much. It seemed we had a magnetism for the storm and were under the threat of a tornado 3 times. Growing up in East Texas, I heard tornado sirens often growing up and as a kid I always thought they were kinda cool. When you are mom to 3 little ones, not so cool as you are trying to shuttle them into a restaurant cooler for shelter.

I have been keeping family and friends up to date with Twitter as the waters are still rising and roads are becoming impossible to use. Our current house is on a hill, so other than some leaking in the house and the backyard being flooded where the dog won’t even go to the bathroom (I don’t know why he won’t…he could at least doggie paddle) we are safe. The Dream Home is also on a VERY large hill, so that house is safe too.

I have been watching the news non-stop and it is unreal to see cars on the interstate floating around, boats being used for rescue in neighborhoods and people wearing arm floaties to retrieve their mail. Ok…so I haven’t seen anyone in arm floaties, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Thank you to everyone who checked in on us. The news reports say there is minimal amount of life loss (Um…hello, any loss of life, even one; is devastating) flood damage is tremendous and it’s not over for at least another 12 hours.

Images provided courtesy of Google Images

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20 replies

  1. I am in Nashville too and it is just horrible! We live near I-24 & Bell Road where someone drowned in their car yesterday – stuck on the interstate. You're right it is devastating. Praying for everyone's safety until this is over!

  2. I have a cousin in Nashville. She's ok. How awful. Ya'll stay safe.

  3. Wow, that's crazy! Be safe!

  4. I'm praying for you and your family, sweet girl!! Be safe!

  5. It is absolutely crazy! I live in a city that was partially destroyed by a huge tornado a number of years ago and people were killed so I can relate to how horrible it is. Be safe!!!!!

  6. Crazy! I'm glad you guys are safe.

  7. Glad you and your family are safe. Thanks for the twitter updates. Your so right.. Any life lost is devastating. Praying for all of Nashville.

  8. So glad to hear from you and know you all are safe. So sorry yall had to expierance that yesterday.. Im sure the girls were a little freaked out as well as you! Praying all this weather clears out quickly today (of course when it clears your area guess where its coming 😉 Hugs to you!!

  9. Looks scary out there. Prayers your way!

  10. Glad to know you and yours are safe! I think being surrounded by flooding is such a horrible feeling. We had bad flooding here 3 years ago (some state parks are still closed from the damage) and I remember just feeling awful about the loss of life, the damage, and the feeling of being completely out of control. We live at the bottom of a hill, but drainage is pretty good, so we were okay, but not everyone was so lucky. Tragic. Prayers for everyone affected by this!

  11. Wow…so, so glad that you've all been safe through this! How scary!

  12. I've been glad/distraught both as I've followed your tweets. My little brother's prom was last night at the Opryland Hotel, I've seen images from my dad from the entrance to his neighborhood, and checked out a ton of your photos/links. June of 2008, our area experienced similar flooding, but we aren't a metro area. No lives were lost here, but the damage was unreal, and there are families still trying to get back to a sense of normalcy. I'm so glad that you, the Head Crayon, and the Scribblers are all safe, and my thoughts and prayers are with you all, my own family and friends in the area, and EVERYONE impacted.

  13. good luck!we're just about to get that storm in a little bit i dont think our area could handle the 3rd huge downpour/windy storm of the year

  14. oh goodness! you guys be safe, k?

  15. Wow – so glad you're safe. You're right; weather 'adventures' are slightly different when you have little ones!!!Will be watching updates and sending prayers from North Carolina -'Lucy'

  16. That is just so awful. There is a town near by that always gets flooded and people are rescued in boats from the roof of their houses.Glad you are all safe.

  17. Mother Nature is angry… gotta love spring time. I have been watching the news and its just crazy!Glad your safe.

  18. Oh girl, that is just scary! Stay offfffff craigslist until all this is dried up, K? So glad to hear you're OK. Praying for everyone in your neck of the woods!~melody~

  19. I am up in Clarksville- we got it pretty bad here too! I am also on a hill- here's to us for thinking smart! Only, flooding isn't something I ever thought would happen 😦 Chin up Lady! We will make it through!

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