Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

Mondays are always a detangling day around my house. After the weekend of all the kids being home, the house looks very well lived in. When the last goes to school, it is my time to straighten everything back up for the sake of finding misplaced socks and reintroducing some kind of order to the madness.

As I was starting the dining room and clearing the table, I noticed that my copper bowl of decorative ball things had been pushed to the side. My centerpiece was now a large gray rock from the yard. I can’t say it had been carefully placed necessarily, because scratches were now in the wood finish.

I picked it up and took it back outside, placing it under a bush so it wouldn’t easily be found and returned to my table. As I put my bowl back into place and rearranged the ball things so that it showed equal amounts of each intriguing and unique pattern, all I could think is “there is a blog post in this…”

I could examine how some things in our life that get brought in by others can damage us, rather than make us better.

I could talk about the perception of what beauty is and finding it in the simplest things.

I could talk about our desire to have everything just right in outward appearance for an illusion of control and order.

Really though? It was just a rock on a table and sometimes there is no sense or deep lesson in the things that happen; they just do. Can we be OK when something just doesn’t make sense?

We strive so hard to have everything make sense. We struggle to find the deeper meaning and lesson in moments in our life. We need everything to be wrapped up in a neat little package that we can understand and show to others. The trials come into our life and we feel we can endure it if it serves a greater purpose, but what if it is just a rock on the table?

I’m sure the one that placed the rock on the table had a good reason, but as I cleaned house alone there is nobody I can ask “Why?” and receive an answer. I’ll have to wait until they get home for school if I want to understand the motive. It will likely be a reason that makes perfect sense to them and I might not understand it even then.

These rocks on our table are sometimes just going to appear. Rather than focusing on why it is there, can we just deal with them and move on? Knowing we will only find out why it was placed there and we are home with the One that placed it there.

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