Standlee Hay Review


There is this crazy thing about horses; they eat. In fact, there is even a saying “eat like a horse.” What they really mean is eat everything in sight, up to and including a broom handle, your boot or especially that little meaty part of the back of your arm.

But we want them to eat healthy and brooms aren’t essential to their diet. And if there is something that discourages arm munching…sign me up.

We haven’t experimented much with Amadeus’ food since he was new to us around the time fall started and it was essential to get some good weight on him. I kept him on a sweet feed and hay for most of the winter and he was able to maintain a healthy weight. Well, that and the occasional boot.

Standlee Hay* contacted me about trying some of their forage for sale products and since I had heard/read good things, I jumped at the chance.

Easily found at our co-op and TSC location, I settled on the 40lb bag of Alfalfa and Timothy Grass Pellets (although there are many different blends and even “mini cubes“)

It should be noted that you should talk to your equine vet or horse professional (I did) before changing diets on a horse.

Ok, so I take the bag to his holding bin and rip open the package. You would think that I just opened a bag of juicy apples and I wasn’t aware that horses would actually drool, but yeah, all over my arm. Now the instructions do recommend that with the cubes and pellets that you soak them in water. About 2 parts water to 1 part pellet. I wasn’t sure how he was going to do with the texture, but he loved it and had no issues with the consistency. I wasn’t crazy about the extra step, but its not too bad in the long run.

He’s been eating strictly Standlee Hay pellets along with his grazing and apples/carrots treats and is thriving and even putting on a little weight after the winter months.

I paid a little under $15 for the 40lb bag, so price-wise its not really all that different from what I would normally purchase. He enjoys it so much and has stayed away from farm equipment, I will certainly continue to purchase it.

*I was compensated in product by Standlee Hay for this review. My opinions and post are my own after the fact.

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