Need A Boost? A Special Offer

Do you remember last week when I took the girls out in the woods for some Lewis & Clark exploring? It turns out that both girls are quite the monkeys when it comes to trees. The problem was that they had never climbed a tree before and as much as it looked like fun and they really wanted to…they were unsure of where to begin.

They stood looking at the tree, sizing it up, examining the bark and where the branches were and did the most reasonable thing.

“Mom….help me climb this tree.”

So I spent hours showing them where to grab a hold, where to put their feet, how to balance and even how to fall. Sometimes in life when we are facing a project, opportunity, etc. it is a lot like climbing a tree for the first time. We need someone to help give us a boost and show us what steps to take.

Where to grab a hold:
When first deciding to climb a tree, you must decide where you are going to take hold and like it or not…it’s going to be at the bottom. This is also where you will probably get the most support. The bigger branches are easy and will support you on your climb to your goal.

Where to put your feet.
So you grabbed a hold of those low branches, you feel their support and now you are ready to start making the climb up. You have to get your feet off the ground and moving up as well! It’s a little scary when you leave the ground of what’s familiar, but you must decide to get those feet off the ground in order to move further up the tree!

How to balance:
You made it to those first low branches and committed yourself to getting up to the top of the tree. Just as your feet left the ground, you are going to feel slightly off balanced on those limbs. It’s different. When you begin to get the feel of balance, you are ready to continue your climb. You will begin to use every branch that you take hold of, that you put your feet on as support. Each achievement will be your new balance as you reach for the next.

How to fall:
Let’s face it…falling is going to happen sometimes. This does not mean that you can’t, shouldn’t or will never climb a tree; it’s just life. We take a wrong step. We weren’t supported where we thought we were and so we trip and lose some ground. Heck, you might even hit the ground a couple of times. This is the time that instead of walking away from that tree, you should reassess the tree. Look at it from another angle. Look for better support branches. Take a rope. Take a ladder. Falling is not the end to climbing a tree. It’s the time to begin again.

So, do you have a tree you are ready to climb? I have someone who is willing to help you up that tree! Sandi with Deva Coaching has a special offer just for you! Go right HERE to check it out! I have worked with Sandi in the past and on current projects and let me tell you that this girl knows her tree climbing!

Check it out and get ready to dangle on the branches of success!!!

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6 replies

  1. What a great analogy! Although I have to admit I've never actually climbed a real tree ;-)Thanks for the shout-out CW! One of the things I really love about your writing is how you connect simple, every day activities to greater challenges in life. Brilliant!

  2. This is such a good analogy, I love the way you strung the lesson all the way through. I have never heard of Deva coaching and can't say I'm interested in diva-with-an-i-hood but am heading to check her and her tree climbing out.

  3. This post spoke to me so much today. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  4. I love it, Some of my kids can climb trees and some think they can

  5. Oh, I think I love you. I cannot wait to do this with my children, helping them build confidence, watching them learn to trust themselves…and all the other goodies.LOVE how you told this. Can I come climb trees with you?

  6. I am printing this out and taking it to the park with us! I'm a terrible tree climber – such a scaredy cat. But I want my kids to enjoy this experience.

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