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I never dreamed I would do a post like this and I almost feel like my hand has been forced to do so. There appears to be a flurry of negativity about MckMama and somehow my name has come up more than once about where I stand in regards to her, her blog and her behavior.

So here you go folks…my official MckPost about my official MckStand about MckMama.

First of all…I don’t know her from Adam in real life. I met her briefly at Blissdom and had a quick 3 minute chat. I told her that I had prayed for Stellan, for her family and that I was happy to meet her and put a physical face to all the pictures. That is the extent of my “relationship” with her. I am not BFF with her as has been stated.

Secondly, concerning all the “negative” blogs, comments and tweets about her. Seeing as I DON’T know her, I am in no position to guess her intents, motives or true feelings about anything. It’s also not my place here on earth to judge her. I do know that she is a human and therefore going to make mistakes, word things wrong and possibly misrepresent things according to what she sees and feels at the time. Whether there is validity to some of the “facts” or “accusations” about things that she has done, said or is doing…I don’t know. There are websites devoted to “exposing” her. There may be some truth to some of it, but frankly…I don’t attend stone throwing events.

So there you go…I officially have no official stance when it concerns MckMama. I frequent her community, but not her blog very much. It’s not that I am against her blog…it’s just wordier (is that a word?) than what I have time to read. If she is indeed doing something wrong, I agree that it is wrong to mislead people. If she is not doing anything wrong, it’s wrong to try to destroy her. I can’t judge what she is doing because I don’t know HER, her heart or her intent.

One thing I will take a stand on is the obvious hatred that “some” have for her based on what they believe to be fact. To take on a mission to destroy someone is just intolerable to me. If someone is truly doing wrong, they will destroy themselves with no help from outsiders. It’s just the way these things happen. It’s a blog people…if you don’t agree…move on! There are plenty of wonderful blogs out there to read!

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