Little Lost One

You are just a tiny lamb. Almost overlooked among the 99 others grazing around you. To be so surrounded, yet to feel so alone.

You wander a little farther out to just set yourself apart. An act of defiance, but the grass hasn’t been trampled here and the flowers taste so sweet. How much time has passed, you don’t know and honestly don’t care. You are simply enjoying being alone.

But night is coming and you know even in your youth this is dangerous, but you’ve lost your way. Your tiny bleats can’t be heard from where you’ve wandered.

Alone. Cold. Scared. Abandoned.

But then you hear a sound that you’ve always loved. Your Master’s voice calling out for you. Out of all the other 99 sheep he has, he counts you as lost. Important enough to look for. Sacred. Special.

Not long passes before he is lifting you in his arms. Not dragging you like a typical beast of the field, but cradling you safely. Whispering into your ears about how he feared for you when you went wandering. Never pointing out in jest your deep fear and never rubbing it in how maybe this time you learned your lesson, but promising he will always come for you no matter how many times you get lost and can’t find your way back home.

Of all the 99 he left behind, he longed for you to be safely in his fold where he provides everything you need.

And that’s where you are now. Longed for. Desired. Searched for. Carried gently by his heartbeat where you can hear the rhythmic beat assuring you that you are going safely home where you belong. Never lost for long, because he will continue to search you out no matter how far away you have wandered, how dirty you got or what you became ensnared in.

It’s all because his love for the one who was lost is enough to search a lifetime for.


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  1. i hear you, and i can dig it.

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