Washed Again

I have a massive English Mastiff named Fat Tuesday. She is sloppy. She is floppy. She is happiest when she is a) wallowing in a deep mud puddle b) wallowing in a huge bear hug. These two things do not play well with each other.

Today the rains came. Not just a drip drop calming rain, but the kind that makes you search out gopher wood and wonder why animals are lining up two by two at your doorstep.

I don’t trust her in the house alone with her two canine cohorts, so they got to all wallow to their heart’s content in the puddles. But as soon as I pulled up to the house, wiggling muddy buddies wanted to be let in to lounge on the sofas.

So first order of business was the cleansing process.

It’s messy this cleaning business. Lots of mud and shaking. She doesn’t like to stand still, but it’s necessary for me to do my work making her clean again.

Once dried off and released, she goes all puppy wild. Fresh and renewed, she bounds off all the furniture and then she has to go pee. Outside. In the mud. It all feels so futile.

Thankfully we have a God who doesn’t speak the word “futile” when He is speaking of His beloved children.

There we go wallowing in the grime of life. Actually enjoying ourselves as we get coated from head to toe in the mess. But after a while, we tire of it all and seek something cleaner, softer and warmer.

Patiently He waits until we ask to draw close to him again. How hard it must be to wait for so long for the one you created and adore to ask to be with you, but yet He waits.

Covered in our filth of the world, He gently brings us to a place that he can patiently make us new again. Stripping layer after layer until we gleam. Using His own hands to take the grossness from us.

He knows we will go out into the world again. It’s our nature and it’s His nature to wait on us to be washed again.


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