10 years ago I couldn’t boil water without burning it. Mac & cheese was a gourmet meal.

Oh the times have changed!!!

Today starts the voting round for the Tasteful Selections Potato Recipe Contest. I actually made the finalist round and showed some mad boiling water skills.

Here is how you vote:

Visit this link and show your support by selecting the “LIKE” button.


You can vote once a day so be sure and come back!!!

I really want to win this because the prizes are

  • 1st – $500 Williams Sonoma gift card
  • 2nd – $250 Williams Sonoma gift card
  • 3rd-5th place – $100 Williams Sonoma gift card

Those prizes are cool huh? Bet you wish you could win in don’t you? GUESS WHAT?!? YOU CAN!!! Whatever I win, I am putting it back on my blog in a contest for you to win. Thank you for watching my video and voting for me to win!

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4 replies

  1. Your video is so awesome. I was hoping for a W, but after seeing your video, I have no confidence left at all.You did greatThis Daddy Scott

  2. Voted and agree- looks yummy! That was so awesome- you are so clever! 🙂

  3. Voted for you!Good luck, and can hardly wait to see if you win.

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