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  1. I have a simple tip to share- when you click “embed” on youtube, uncheck the “include related videos” option. This leaves off all those xtra videos which may, or most certainly may not be, things that you may, or may not, approve of or endorse… you'd be surprised what things can pop up as “related”, causing aconservative christian blog reader to be concerned and maybe offended by something that pops up at the end of the video… (yep, speaking from experience! I always uncheck “include related videos” now!)I may try a little vlogging one of these days, you're almost making me want to try. I said almost :-)You're so cute, though! Enjoy the country life! (oh, and I've never seen canned butter! I've made butter, but never canned it… now my curiosity if piqued…)

  2. Ali, That is a great tip and something that I hadn't thought about. I can see where I need to do this in the future!I hope to see you try vlogging! An extra bonus is never having to use spell check again!

  3. canning butter???? for real?:D I should do one on canning chernobyl beans. think mr wrangler would watch?!

  4. Knitter, Mr. Wrangler would watch if he also saw you put them into a box with his name and address on them! I would love to see you fix up some beans and can them though.The butter looks simple and is supposed to be shelf stable for 3 years. We will see…

  5. Great tips. Never thought about vlogging.

  6. I might could (how's that fer texan?) put some in a box with his name on it after my next canning session (which should be soon… SuperSoldier is coming home soon! Yippee!)

  7. I think you have a lot of us surprised by the canning of butter! I'm excited to see how it goes!

  8. I, too, am totally interested in canned butter!Hurry up with that vlog, dude! I LOVED this tutorial! You are so well spoked and profession, yet fun! Way to go, my friend!

  9. Hello I love your Vlogging How to and Why Video. I'm a new fashion/beauty blogger but I have to agree with you about vlogging making you more personable with your readers. I have actually completed about 4-5 videos recently. I finally built up the courage to get them done and I do find that overtime after making a few videos that you get more comfortable with the camera. So thanks for this post. Stop by my blog and visit at http://www.diaryofachicmommy.com

  10. Great job on the video! Wish I was as brave as you. Don't think I'm ready for vlogging just yet 🙂

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