Saturday Snapshots

I’ve been taking so many pictures lately that I decided to throw them all in a day of the week. (If this is actually someone’s carnival…I apologize and just let me know)

Anyways, enjoy the Saturday Snapshots of things we find on Crayon Ranch

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10 replies

  1. Daisy Pic-My Fave!And what is that pink/purple-ish thing?

  2. Love the toad! The buzzard maybe not so much… cool photo but you know… buzzards!I'm curious about that purple flower too. And now I want raspberries. More, more more!

  3. that's a hawk? well shut my mouth (or fingers!) It looks like the buzzards in flight around here! (my eye just caught one of those tween things!)

  4. Love the second pic – perfection!

  5. Love the second pic – perfection!

  6. Great Pictures!! I just wanted to let you know that i left you a special award on my blog!Jennifer @ Life with the

  7. Beautiful! Did you take those using a point and shoot or something more?

  8. Hi,I'm following from MBC.Joanna

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