New Mood…I Mean…NEW MOON

So I have admitted before to reading all the Twilight books. (Don’t judge me, I just love to read and can also become totally engrossed in the back of a ketchup bottle) So now I am to the point of watching the movies on the premise of “I already read the book…let’s see how well they stick with the story” So The Head Crayon turned in his man card temporarily and rented “New Moon” for me last night. I insisted that he get it from The Red Box as I refuse to pay more than a dollar for the movie.

I watched the movie and tried to figure out why these characters have such a cult following. What is it about the story that is so intriguing? I felt that 90% of the book and movie is more about sulking and tragic emotion than about anything of real substance. I almost got depressed just watching the sullen faces slink across the screen. Even in moments of what is supposed to be true love there is a depressing feeling that seeps out of the characters. There are no real moments of joy or happiness. No laughter or (for lack of better words) merry making.

I really wanted to like this series (book and movie) and have tried to get into it, but really…I don’t get it. I remember the love stories from the 80s that were made for teenagers. Sure they failed in trying to convince us that 16 year old looks like 30 year old. But they were fun stories, full of love/laughter and the always goofy loser friend. Twilight is nothing more than a moody girl trapped between two boys who are “designed” to kill her. Yup, that’s romantic. Maybe it’s the whole “loving a bad boy” mentality, but it certainly doesn’t promote the whole healthy relationship thing. The only good thing in the whole movie is Jacob’s biceps. It was the only thing that held my attention.

So what is your take on Twilight? Why is it such an epic novel?

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