Where I Am Now

I had a dear friend suggest that it is time to do an “Alycia Review” post. I sputtered, blundered and felt that this would be a pointless post, because you all have been following me for years. You know where… Read More ›

Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty, I pulled out Dan’s watch today and held it for one minute. I checked the date and time, it was all correct. It hasn’t lost track of time since it was placed in my hands two years ago…. Read More ›

Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty, A few posts ago, I wrote about how I am caring for baby birds that had fallen from their nest. They were only a couple of days old; naked, blind and utterly helpless. Two (despite heroic efforts) died… Read More ›

Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty, Yesterday I was given a platform through a podcast with to talk about my book, “Deciding To Dance” and my opinions on hurt and healing. The link is over in the sidebar for you to download for… Read More ›

Dear Kitty

Dear Kitty, I was informed that my name popped up on a friend’s (I don’t use the term ‘friend’ lightly. This guy has been one of my greatest supporters and I hold him in high regard) blog and this is… Read More ›