Table Faith

Dear Kitty, I can’t wait to share with you what I have found!! The most amazing table ever. I had heard about the existence of this table before, but I had to have it for myself. I’ve heard you can… Read More ›

Dear Kitty

Dear Kitty, Hurt in our lives, pain that seems to have no purpose and wounds that seem to never heal. What if we were to look at these things without assuming they are our burdens in this life, but rather… Read More ›

Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty, I’m a weather nut. Well, not all weather, because snow/ice is just unnatural to want to embrace as humans, but specifically storms. If there isn’t a good spring storm on my personal horizon, I’ve been known to stalk… Read More ›

Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty, Recently I wrote about the desire to “do something big” and wondered about what if this “big something” wasn’t our purpose in life. Now I am questioning “can we be OK with where we are when dreams and… Read More ›

Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty, We go through a lot of paper and crayons around here. Most of it is because the kids put one mark on a piece of paper, declare it a mess and start over. The 3yo is especially (according… Read More ›