The Bucket List

Today my family is doing our “Bucket List” as a joint effort. One head in the bucket at a time according to the “puke” list. Hence the term “Bucket List” (You thought I was talking about skydiving and wrestling an… Read More ›

Power Over Fear

With young children and sometimes some adults; fear is blinding and crippling. Often times the fear of something is so extreme that explaining what is feared is impossible. In parenting, I believe in giving my daughters the ability to not… Read More ›

Happiness 101

Many, many moons ago and before there were children; I would get the morning newspaper and sit down and check out what was “news”. Most times the first dozen pages were so depressing, I would flip to the funnies and… Read More ›

On Star

Recently I had heard a radio ad for On Star. They were talking about how the On Star system can not only be used to report traffic accidents, unlock your doors, locate your car; but now can be used to… Read More ›