Know When It’s Time To Walk

Recently it was time to take my horse to the boarding stables. We’ve spent the past almost two years together learning so much about how trust is hard, but then once there is trust then love is allowed to grow. It’s no secret I love my horse and once you’ve seen us together, there is no doubt that love is returned.

In order to get him to the stables, we had to load him into a trailer. He’s only been trailered once before (coming to my house) and from what I understand, it wasn’t easy. I was hopeful that our love and trust would help him do what was so hard previously.

He almost made it with me in the trailer, but once he heard his own hoof hit the bottom of the trailer, the echo spooked him and all we had learned from each other was balancing on utter terror.

I held the rope from inside, pulling and singing anything to coax him in. The boarder man stood on the outside lightly putting pressure on Amadeus’ back end to get him to just take the three or four steps it would take to safely be inside.

That horse was wild with his fear, slammed me over and over against the inside of the trailer. I refused to let go because I believed he could do it.

Then there came the moment that I saw his eyes, body covered with sweat and legs trembling. Our connection was gone and nothing but instinctual fear was there.

“Stop. I’ll walk him.”

All mouths gaped at me.

“It’s time to walk.”

I was reminded over and over how it was almost 4 miles to the stables and he wasn’t broken to ride. Narrow winding roads with speeding cars.

But I knew my horse and I knew (although the bruises were already starting to show) that I could walk him until he was safely delivered.


So I ran for my running shoes and out of that silly Sunday dress, took his lead rope and he took his first step….right onto my foot and I felt the crunch.

We walked though. Limping woman next to her horse. Hand on his neck to keep him calm and me upright. A thunderstorm began rumbling, because God has a sense of humor like that. I was waving down cars to slow them down and warning owners to grab their dogs back. We had to jump some streams, but we made it.

The couple boarding him were proud of me, but I was proud of my horse. We released him into his new field and after showing him around, I took the rope off and walked out alone.

What do I want you to learn from this?

Trust your relationships and believe in them past when others might give up. Let them know you are holding the rope and you won’t fail them. You haven’t hurt them and you aren’t going to start now.

Know your relationship so that when you are asking too much, you know when to stop in respect of what their past experiences have taught them. Don’t take them back to a place of fear so that they lose trust in you.

Never lose sight of the final goal and be willing to walk it to the end. Even through pain, distance and obstacles. Work together to cross the finish line.

As you walk away from the moment and leave the situation behind. You are walking away from a trust and love that remains intact. That is what they will remember of you.

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