If You Can Confine It, You Can Define it.

So there is this thing that has been slinking around me, worming it’s way into my head (OK…now that made me itch my scalp a little) and now I stand directly in front of this thing. I have a friend with me. A confidant, a mentor, someone I mentor….we change hats around and it is what makes our relationship work so well. Over a gluttonous amount of curly fries I am finally trying to catch this elusive thing that I know, but I can’t *KNOW* it and hash it out with him (did you like how I used fries and hash in the same sentence?)

We’ve talked about it before and although I think we both know the purpose, we don’t know what that is going to look like.

I finally whisper in my head “Word of God SPEAK” (because it is ultimately the baby I will be raising with him as an attentive co-parent) and I just started to ramble about everything I thought about this thing in front of me that I couldn’t quite make out from behind my veil of ignorance; it began to take shape, form and direction.

Still not super F-stop focused, but it is much clearer than ever before.

One thing that slipped out of my mouth that is hanging around jumping on my gray matter is the phrase “I can’t define it, so I can’t confine it.


Let’s think about that in another directions of our lives as Christ followers.

Since the Word became man we have tried to define him so that we can confine him (understand him, run tests, prove theories, but never probe…because you just don’t probe a Deity) It’s our human nature to have a knowledge as great as God’s. To understand every wonder of the world and how it works. It was confined to us the first time in the shape of the fruit that Eve passed to her husband while wiping her greedy lips and realizing her horrific mistake.

We have from that moment been trying to confine this elusive idea of what God thinks into words of songs, thousands of doctrines, walls of churches and a number written on a check during standard offering time. Because if we can confine this God into what we can understand, then we can finally define HIM.

Chew on that a moment.

confine to define

Back to my curly fries. It wasn’t until I almost screamed….THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME AND I DON’T WANT IT TO BE ABOUT ME….that the whole confining and defining thing slipped out. It wasn’t until I revealed that this idea of mine would be mine to take care of, but I didn’t want anyone to think it was about me, because it wasn’t. It was about what it could do, who it could change and how it would touch someone else.

So we’ve tried to confine God to super F-stop focus and yet many of us haven’t defined Him, tested Him or understood His very purpose, still we stuff Him into what we can control and claim He can do His will. God doesn’t only work on Sundays between 10am-12pm.

Have you ever seen someone stuffed into a tiny box? Can they do what they want? Our trying to define, caused us to confine and therefore limited the very will of what could be done to give us a clearer picture or a more personal definition.

Go to your curly fries (cause I know you are craving some by now) and scream “THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME AND I DON’T WANT IT TO BE ABOUT ME” and now sit back and see what happens.

All of a sudden you don’t feel the need to confine and so the definition is going to come more clearer to you than ever before. Because it is HIS will that is to be done on this Earth. We can’t confine that or tie His hands. We also can’t define it, because it is unique to each person on this Earth. No journey is the same, not everyone got the same gift and a specific purpose is laid out before their very first breath of what their life was going to be defined as when we finally confined their body in the ground. Meaning: those who are left here after you are gone will understand your purpose far more clearly than you might ever.

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