The Bad, The Good And The Forgiven

Sometimes it takes some time to see the good that can come from the bad.

As they lifted Jesus’ body from the cross on Friday. They saw the lashes that were so bad. They saw how deep the thorns were on the crown that was bad. They saw how the remaining Roman soldiers and unbelievers scoffed at this very mortal and dead “Son of God.”

The sky had darkened, the thunder had rumbled and the temple split. Yet, some still didn’t see the bad behind that. Just a weird meteorological day or something like that.

A mother had watched her son die and although she knew the prophesy before his birth, she still wasn’t quite prepared 33 years later to witness her child so ridiculed, so damaged, so broken and it was bad.

But as the Son returned to His Father in His Kingdom and they hugged, fist-bumped or whatever Deities do…It was the best day in a long time.

Good Friday

How guilty we are of looking at the immediate crucifixion and judging it good or bad; when it was nothing but the act of being fully forgiven. Even his closest friends, grieved deeply for the man and forgot about the God behind Him. It was all told, it was all planned and it was fully acted out on their behalf. Yet, it was bad day.

Three days later as they found the empty tomb they would be shrieking in laughter, shaking their heads in disbelief and in belief, throwing high fives and having a grand ole’ time with Jesus standing before them again.

But that one day of his part to play of taking on our ugliest sins for all of eternity seems like such a horrible day as he was stripped, flogged, mocked….(you name anything bad and it probably happened to this mortal Son of God and He felt it with all his humanness) He had even prayed to His Father to take the cup from Him (basically asking for permission to skip this act and give him another way) But there was no other way. It had to be fulfilled that he be killed brutally bearing it for us. For all of us. For the thief, for the adulterer, for the liars, for the addicts, for those in politics, for you and for me. He paid the price in full and gave us the pass to eternal life.

This is not a bad day. This is a very GOOD Friday.

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