What Do You Do About That Praying Thing?


Why do we do it?
What if we say the wrong thing?
Is there a right way?
What if we mess it all up?
What’s the point anyways?

A parable was told about these two men who go to the Temple to talk to God. The first was a Pharisee. (Which is a top-tier goodie two shoe type) The second is a tax collector. (This is like that gunk on the bottom of your show that you can’t scrape off)

The Pharisee stands tall and proud and says “Thank you for not making me like the swindlers, the adulterers, the sinners or like that guy. (I’m sure he gave a stink eye to the tax collector and possibly pointed) I fast twice a week. Give a tenth of all I make.” *tadah – he exits*

The tax collector wouldn’t even lift his eyes to the Heavens. He beat upon his chest and said “God….turn your anger from me…I am a sinner.”

Which prayer do you think God heard?


Which prayer do you think touched God’s heart?

The funky guy you can’t scrape off the bottom of your shoe.

Pharisee was all “Me…Me…Look at what I do.”

Tax guy was “You…help me.”

Matthew 6:9-15 Jesus sets out “The Lord’s Prayer” a guideline on how we should pray. We recognize and worship who we are talking to, we seek His will and not our own (that’s a toughie) we then ask about our needs being met, we ask him to forgive us and then protect us from further pitfalls. We close by recognizing His kingdom”


So if God knows everything in that omnipotent way He has, what’s the point of prayer? He already knows everything we have done and thought. Seems kind of redundant.

One night I was eating some cookies after the kids went to bed and one wandered out and caught me. She would’ve just looked at me and I would have known she wanted one. Instead she asked if she could have one and I gave her two as she snuggled against me.

Then once the kids were playing outside and as I was watching, one of them stopped running and started limping. We got to the door at the same time and it was obvious in his face that he had hurt himself, but He was crying and couldn’t form a coherent sentence. I picked him up and carried him to the kitchen counter where we could be face to face and where I keep medical supplies. I hugged him, because I knew he was hurting and I wanted to fix it. As soon as he could form some words, I heard “foot, sticks, ooowwwwww” So I looked at the bottom of his foot and noticed a cut. I quickly cleaned it up and stuck a band-aid on it. I would’ve examined him everywhere and found it, but when he communicated his hurt, I was able to get right to it and fix it. I couldn’t take away the scratch, but I could comfort him.

It’s about communication and a relationship with our Father who already knows what we want and need, but he still wants to hear us and bless us. He wants to hear the big things, the little things and even the outrageous and outlandish things. He just wants to hear from you. Not in the proud “Me…Me…Me…” way, but in the “Hey, I love you, I messed up today, you blessed me today, let’s talk….” There have been moments that I saw my blessings and sent a finger pointed to Heaven and said “Hey, I saw what you did there. Thanks.” (I call that a mini-praise prayer)

Sometimes it feels like our prayers aren’t going anywhere. They are just bouncing off a cloud somewhere and we feel ignored. We are NEVER ignored, we are just being silently asked to be patient on His timing and plans for our lives. With how much love He put into creating you, why would He ever ignore you? He’s just up to something else that might not make sense now (it might even make you mad) but it’s for something greater than you ever imagined and you might not see it in your lifetime, but it will be there. It is His Guarantee.

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  1. sometimes it can be so hard to form the words…. there have been times I have come seeking Him and can just manage a …”gaaaahhh” and if I walked away then; it wouldn’t be much of a meeting. but if I first just release that, then wait, still ….. linger; of course He always shows up and then we got ourselves something. But I am always so thankful that I know He got me at “gaaah”.

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