Unsinkable Faith

There is a story told in both Mark 4 and Matthew 8 about a moment of unsinkable faith.

With the sun beginning to set, Jesus told his disciples he wanted to go across the lake. I guess they were probably past questioning the actions of Jesus, but they still lacked some faith and a moment was about to happen to challenge that sinkable faith.

So they sailed into a picture perfect sunset. They relaxed and chatted while Jesus curled up for a nap. Everything was perfect until the halfway point.

Out of nowhere the perfect boat ride turned into the perfect storm. Lightning lit up all around them, thunder almost deafened them and waves came crashing up against the little boat and it seemed any moment they would be capsized and doomed to sink. Jesus slept on.

Most of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen, so it’s not like they didn’t know how to control the sails and shout out commands to keep their little boat safe in the storm. Yet, no matter what tricks and skills they possessed, it was too little for this storm. Jesus slept on.

Finally, they remembered the BIG God they had sleeping in their boat and they shook him awake as the waves shook the boat.

“Rescue us, Jesus! Save us!” They screamed like little school girls. “Don’t you even care about this storm that is about to kill us all?”

Well, of course Jesus cared. After all his whole purpose on Earth was to rescue and care. He stood up, looked at the thundering clouds and towering waves and said “Hush.” That’s all he said and that’s all it took.

The waves and storm recognized the voice of their Master and calmed down immediately.

Jesus turned to his still quaking friends and said “Why were you scared? Did you forget who I am? Did you listen to your fears rather than everything I have shown and taught you?”

Silence as the friends thought about this. Silence on the lake.


It doesn’t matter how many casseroles you baked for church, how much you put in the offering plate or how many times your tush warmed a pew; there will be a storm in your life or affecting someone real close to you.

The thunder will deafen you, the lightning will blind you and the waves will threaten to sink you. Your storm may look like:

Financial troubles
Troubled child
Mental health
Physical illness
Loss of friendship

The list could go on and on, but I’m sure you know where your storm may come from.

We will quake, we might even think we know what to do and we have the tools to fight for our ship, but all we need to remember is we have a Bigger God that has the power to bring a stillness to our storms.

I struggle sometimes with my depression storm (and many other storms that my ship weathered) I have cried out many times “Do you even care? Why don’t you rescue me?”

I don’t know why I still cry out in a lack of faith. I think my fears of the storms still get the best of me. Because His promise is that when I have faith, I am unsinkable.

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