Colorblind – Durant

I’m going to have to start this off with a disclaimer. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church and we had instrumental worship. Huge pipe organ, piano and even a small symphony that I played violin in for a short time. I, in addition, grew up with playing piano and the violin. Instrumental music is what speaks to my soul the most….well, that’s what I thought.

Then I joined the Church of Christ with my husband and we had heard all sorts of rumors of how stiff the music was and there are no instruments allowed. I was NOT looking forward to worship time. But….this church I attend, they have the blessing of voices touched by God and they can use their voices to actually sound like instruments. In spite of myself, my foot began to tap and do the head nod in time to the music. I’m not one of those worshipers who does the whole hand raising like I’m lifting a heavy box up to the ceiling. I’m reserved.

Soon I found out that many of our worship singers were a part of a group called “Durant” I had seen on their FaceBook fan page that they had a new album out and I made plans to grab a copy when it became available.

Well, one of the members must have read my mind because she sent me a copy to review (That was my compensation disclaimer for this review) but after I listened to it multiple times (in the kitchen, car, work station, by the bed, etc.) I had to message her immediately and make sure there was no actual instruments used, because I couldn’t tell.

So my official endorsement….Grab a copy of the CD or download it on iTunes now! This is not your Grandma’s accappella music. This is foot stomping, head bobbing and (dare I say) booty shaking music. My children especially like “Noah’s Song” where they sing about the animals coming and then the sound of thunder. I’m a huge fan of both the title song “Colorblind” and my heart sings along with “Lead Me To The Cross”

Here is your “Try before I know you are going to BUY” clip

So jump over to their FaceBook fan page, “like” them, share them and get your copy of the CD or iTunes download with the links above.

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3 replies

  1. I have always been raised Pentecostal.
    Foot stomping, hand clapping and raising, hand and flag waving, and dancing in the aisles Welcomed and Encouraged! ha
    Love this sound! Will have to add to my ipod.

  2. Love this group and their sound. Catch their interview on this Saturday at 2pm Eastern. Tune in everyday to hear more great acappella music.

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