Another Brick In The Wall

In between Joshua 3 and 6 we find a battle so epic that they even had their own marching band. It was so awesome, they didn’t even need the soldiers; just the marching band.

Moses had recently died and this new man, Joshua was to continue to lead the people into their promised land. As they began to edge the desert and were pantingly (remember they did march for 40 years through a desert – they were panting) close to their oasis. What to their wondering eyes should appear, but Jericho, a city.

Not just any city, mind you, but a huge fortress with big walls and gates locked up tight.

“You go knock.”

“No, you knock.”

“No, you first.”

The people had no clue what to do and no “triple dog dares” were going to get anyone to just waltz up and knock. While they stood there scratching the desert sand out of their noggins and coming up with no real good ideas.

Joshua was off on his own having a strategy meeting with God. Joshua probably made God repeat it a few times, because on the “charts of crazy ideas” this one was way off. Finally God reminded him that he had already promised “I will always be with you and never leave you. If you do as I say, your new lives in that new land will be happy and everything will go well.”

And we all know God doesn’t break promises. It’s just not what he does.

Joshua returned to the befuddled masses and told them the plan. I’m sure he had to repeat it a few times, but they all agreed quickly (probably a good case of sun sickness going on ’round there) and laid down their swords, spears and shields and prepared to take the city of Jericho.

Before you start asking, “….but they laid down their swords and stuff….” I know, but we have a BIG God with a creative streak.

They all lined up and for 6 days just marched around the city.


The lookie-loos in Jericho started taking notice and calling down from the tip top of the towers and impressive walls.

“Cowards…Wimps…why they are too afraid to even fight!”

Well, then we have the marching band of the 7th day. 7 priests marched ahead with ram’s horns and were told as they marched to blow those suckers and make as much noise as they could.

It wasn’t just ear-splitting noise, but wall splitting. For real. All those massive heavy walls just started to crack, crumble and tumble all the way down.

Talk about a concert that’ll bring the house down. *snort*

As promised God’s people were led right into the land they were promised….with a little remodeling.


I’m sure there were a few of those marchers grumbled about “The Plan” and couldn’t figure out how just some walking and then the trumpeting was going to defeat a city. Well, it wasn’t the walking or the trumpeting that knocked a brick out of the wall, but God and the faith that the marchers had. Even the grumbly ones, because they were still ACTING on faith.

I’ve got some walls that I’m sure are as imposing as Jericho’s fortress (Can I get an ‘Amen?’ someone?” There were just way too many scary monsters behind those walls and so I felt they kept me safe. This whole therapy bit has now let me know that isn’t the healthiest way of dealing with.

But, then there is this promise as true today as it was thousands of years ago…

“I will always be with you and never leave you. If you do as I say, your new lives in that new land will be happy and everything will go well.”

So with just a teeny tiny grain of faith, (which is all you really need anyways….although I think I’ve seen some who may have overdosed on it) I’ve begun to march around this new life of happiness and land of regulated mental health and walk with the knowledge that those bricks are falling and eventually, I will claim it as “mine.”

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