Faith Rewarded Past Death

In Mark 5 we find a story about a man named Jairus. He found this Jesus he had heard about and knelt at his feet begging him to save his beloved daughter that was dying.

Jesus heard the plea and announced “Let’s Go.”

There was a crowd and this is also the time that the woman who had bled for years (scroll back some…I wrote about this time too) was healed by her faith.

I imagine it was slow going and a man ran to Jairus screaming “Its too late, your daughter is already dead.”

Although it doesn’t tell, can you imagine Jairus. His daughter is dead. The time has passed. I’m sure he was crushed. Hope wrenched from him. All that wishing for something that can not be fixed.

But we know Jesus tenderly looked at this grieving Father and said “Don’t worry. Just have Faith. Follow me.”

Can you picture this….his daughter is dead already and this man said “Have Faith.” (I’m doubting they went skipping arm and arm down the road, but I wish I could hear what Jairus said on that walk and what Jesus replied back to this heartbroken parent.


They finally get to the house and could hear the weeping from inside. Their precious daughter gone. Because in their world, with death there are no take backs. It’s done. Over.

But here is Jesus, standing there among the grieving, knowing that there is nothing impossible in his Father’s hands. He pushes his way through and admonished the mourning.

“Why are you crying? (Duh) “She’s not dead, she’s sleeping.”

I can imagine the looks on their faces and I’m pretty sure the mother holding her lifeless daughter wanted to throw a pot at his head for belittling their grief. They laughed at him. (I’m not sure laughing at anyone Divine is a good thing, but sometimes, I’ve been guilty.)

Edging his way closer to the dead girl, he lightly held her hand and sweetly whispered “Little child…..get up.” A small smile crossed her face at the sound of Heaven touching her and she got out of bed and went back to whatever she was doing before she died as though she had never been sick.

“Don’t be afraid. Only believe. – Mark 5:36”

We get faced with the impossible a lot, threatened by things far bigger than us. But He whispers Heaven in our hearts. We have a BIG God. A God big enough to patiently guide a grieving father to a joyous reunion with his beloved daughter. A God that sees no obstacles, but opportunities.

What if we were to change our hearts in that fashion. To not see obstacles, but opportunities? How powerful could we be then?

Could we go from broken hearted to so full of joy it’s contagious?

Well, I know we have a God big enough for that.

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4 replies

  1. We do indeed! The God who defeated death can do ANYTHING! I need to remember that. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. I love that line “He whispers Heaven in our hearts.” We need that on a poster or something.

    I’m always surprised – that people are surprised – when God moves. Does something miraculous. Because really….why? Of course He did. Why would you want to believe in a wimpy God? God didn’t lose His power — we transferred the miracle and gave someone else credit.

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